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non-reporting probation

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by AJe90, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. okay so i've been on probation for a year now, i just turned 19 and i would've been done with it but it was revoked in December so they added 1 more year. anyways i've done the 40 hours of community service i was required to do. & i'm going to be done with the court ordered classes this week. so all i have to do now is pay the rest of my fine. i'm wondering if i could possibly qualify for early release for probation or non-reporting in the state of GA. i was charged with a DUI.
  2. also do they drug test you while you're on non reporting probation? i want to hear from people who have previously been on non reporting.
  3. anyone???
  4. Qualifications vary from state to state and county to county.... but if on non reporting they do not drug test usually but they still have the right to also they can still do home checks so be careful about that... I have been on paper for 5 yrs... 3 of it has been non report... haven't had a home check or drug test yet and I'm about to get off in September
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  5. I should add that's out of Boone county Ky.
  6. I would stay on the safe side don't do anything until you have the papers saying you're done especially with a drug related offense. Sometimes they trick you by not giving you any tests the whole time, except for the very last reporting then sometimes theyll do it and if u fail, u get more time added on with more restrictions.
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  7. If you tell me why it got revoked then I will give you your chances

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