Non-religious? You'll like this poem.

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    This is a poem written by a user named pyrometheus on another social networking site I visit. It's a phenomenal poem and he wrote it while he was tripping balls. I don't claim any credit for this, but I think it ought to be shared:

    Tell me of your elder scrolls,

    I'll pause and give my ear.

    But ask me when the church bell tolls,

    Of any God I fear.

    Tell me of your utter faith,

    I'll give you no respect,

    For in my life I've seen men waste,

    Their lives denying death.

    Tell me of the wrath I face,

    I'll show you hell on earth.

    There is no heaven that I chase,

    I know what life is worth.

    BG 7.24.09
  2. Wow, that's seriously like wow.
    Extremely well written.
  3. Indeed. Nice fckin post. I think his gripe is with Religion though.

    Religion has become God, hasn't it? ;)
  4. It was posted on the atheism board, so god and religion in general aren't too popular over there.
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    So true! People get confused sometimes...

    Edit: Great poem, though...
  6. That's straight ill. Nice find. ;)
  7. Don't necessarily agree with it, but it's a damn wonderful poem. Skilled writer there...

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