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Non Purged Bho Sold To Me? Help?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by iSmokeOilNotBud, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. #1 iSmokeOilNotBud, Jun 8, 2013
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    Hey guys i recently bought some BHO from this dude and i was wondering if it was non purged. It looks very Dark and lots of people on instagram are telling me its either non-purged or made with shitty buds, i am about to do a lighter test but would like some feedback. Here are some photos.

  2. Not gonna lie, I'd have probably smoked it already.
  3. ive been smoking alot of it but i dont want a collapsed lung or shit you feel me?
  4. Throw it on a hot water bath for another 12-24 hours that should help purge it a little better
    True, I feels you. I mean I normally smoke earl off of tin-foil whenever I am lucky enough to get my hands on it(it's rare where I live) so I can't exactly say the safety of it is my main concern. However if it really seems like something is wrong with it than I'd probably have some kind of concern and ask as well. 
    I am curious. Did it have any different kind of smell? Or was it just the color that gave it away?
    yeah, melt it down, then get it real thin on your oil slick pad or whatever and just purge it yourself.
    I know someone who does this due to the fact he gets it at a super cheap rate then making it dank himself.
  7. Color typically has nothing to do with how well it was purged; more so how old the starting product was. Dark errl indicates that the trim/nug was harvested a while ago and had begun to degrade before they ran it. Now i have made some really fire dark oil that came from some mature buds that had mostly amber trichs, so do not judge solely on color/looks. Typically a lighter color is more desirable, but a white color can mean it was premature. Only way to check for a lot of residual tane(you will not notice smaller amount less than ~100 ppm) is the lighter test and  just dabbing it.
  8. it smells decent, its just the color i would say yes and it tastes like there is an abundance of tane.
  9. fair enough. I suppose the taste of tane really gives it away.
  10. [​IMG]
  11. If you don't actually intend to Do anything about your tane-ladden oil then what was the point of making a thread?  :confused:
  12. Firstly im trieng to find out IF it is tane-ladden oil and if it is i would need a faster method or one i can do outdoors. Could i just put it on my rood and let it evap up?
  13. Get a pyrex dish, and a 20$ electric skillet...fill the skillet with water put the pyrex dish on top...ur skillet needs to have an adjustable temp. Between 100-150 is cool. Im usually 115-120...leave it there over night When you go to sleep. When you wake up you should have most of the tane out and clean(er) erll....different strains result in different colors so dont judge by color. But thats pretty dark, i Would say the material they used was bunk. But i Would play it safe and purge it a lil more yourself.

    Get a new connect if you want better oil, or simply, we have TONS of threads here explaining bho. Have a gander blade....dont buy shit you that you have no idea about.

    Tho, I Would of gotten the 1/8 instead. For the best/clean oil he needs to use a Vacumm pump.
  14. said like a true stoner, brings a tear to my eye

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