Non Purged Bho Sold To Me? Help?

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  1. Hey guys i recently bought some BHO from this dude and i was wondering if it was non purged. It looks very Dark and lots of people on instagram are telling me its either non-purged or made with shitty buds, i am about to do a lighter test but would like some feedback. Here are some photos.

  2. Definitely full of tane, my assumption would be it sat on a hot water bath/purge and never got fully purged with a vac. That looks like the doodoo trim oil my friend gets and sells
  3. Cant selling unpurged oil kill someone who smokes it? this guy who sold it to me is gonna get an earfull. or is it safe to smoke just not get as high?
  4. Its definitely harmful, but 1 gram of poorly purged oil wont kill you.  From my experience when I first started dabbing, if I took too many Id get a headache and its because we werent properly purging our stuff
  5. thanks man! 
  6. try to get it into one of those little wax containers and get a paper clip and whip it till the butanes gone. Idk if it will work for that stuff but when I got some goopy shit I could literally see the butane sitting on top of it, and I ended up whippin it with a pape clip and ended up with half the amount I payed for because the butane made up the majority of it.
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    +1 reasons why I make my own or just smoke buds. Good luck man, I cant tell from looking at a photo, so...
  8. thanks for the info! whipping as we speak, already can see a color difference!
  9. No problem brotha! Happy dabbin..
  10. actually whippin it is bad, it traps butane in the oil and degrads waayyyyy faster then errlll.
    I thought i had a post in this thread but, dont know.where it went. But you shouldnt be whippin it.
  11. If you can find somewhere to put it that will stay a consistent 100-120 F, put it in a thin layer and keep it there for a day. If you have access to a vacuum pump, even better. Whipping doesn't do much to get tane out, and like previously mentioned, it can trap it in there. You could also dissolve it in iso or ethanol then evap that off like you're making qwiso, that will get any remaining butane out.
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    It looks like a giant piece of shit left a skidmark on the paper

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  13. That's a pretty big chunk, so I'm assuming it cost a good amount. Whether you can use it or not, I'd give him an earful and ask for money back or somerthing in compensation.

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