Non-Polar Solvent for LSA Extraction

Discussion in 'General' started by 12inchbong, May 4, 2004.

  1. Hey everyone. I'm going to do an extraction on some morning glory seeds for the LSA. I've read the method used on erowid with the non-polar and polar solvents. The non-polar solvents that they suggest on erowid I don't have easy access too. Does anybody know of anything that I could use that will get the job done, but will also evaporate easily so none of it is left over for me to ingest? I can't get petroleum ether anywhere that I know of, so I need another non-polar solvent to use.....
  2. super pure acetone;)
  3. I've read somewhere that high solvency acetone works. I can get this stuff cheap, but will it work? I'm not sure of the actual ingredients, but I can find out tomorrow night. If it has anything other than acetone in it, should I steer clear of it?
  4. Just dont use naphtha(Zippo Lighter Fluid). That's what I used the one time I extracted it and I definetly lost a lot of the LSA. I did the equivalent of 250 seeds, and I've been more messed up from just chewing down 200 of them. But it was a good, clean high, unlike the seeds where I dry heaved.

    I would definetly extract it again but I got the same problem you do, no good solvent. Damn, why don't they sell petroleum ether in like hardware stores?

  5. If it comes down to it, I might just have to use naptha. I have ~600 seeds, so losing LSA won't be a factor. If I can get some petroleum ether, or something like it, I'm gonna split whatever I get from it into 2 doses.
  6. most hardware stores sell a relativly pure acetone (make sure its at least 96% pure)... but personaly i'd buy some from a lab supply house... although they might be kinda suspicious and charge alot for it.. but it'll be worth it, becasue its almost 100% pure
  7. you can get petroleum ether in some starting fluids, u'd have to look around because i dont know any specific name brands, hell u could probably just use ethyl or diethyl ether, and those r also found in starting fluids....

  8. Hey man, how would you extract pure ether from starter fluid? What other crap is it mixed with? Hmmmm, might be somethin to look into, I've always wanted to try ether.(diethyl, not petroleum)
  9. if you wanna jus do it ghetto style and get some of the other shit out, jus spray it into a jar or watever, fill with an equal volume of water, shake for awhile, and then keep the top layer but there'll still be some other shit in it, i believe it only gets rid of the heptane, and not the hexane, but i could be mistaken, i'll go look it up for you in a lil bit.

    the only way you can get pure ether without ordering it is if you got like... a lab, or if you can rig up a still (not to hard, although theres a good chance of fire when using ether)... if your interested in how to make a still then PM me and i'll hook u up with some details....
  10. Just thinking about HBWR makes my stomach ache.

  11. That's why he's extracting it.

  12. Thanks. I could not have figured that out otherwise.
  13. I bought some "High Solvency Acetone" from K-Mart today. It just says on the back (where it always says what's in it):


    So I'm assuming that's all that is in the can, just acetone and nothing else. Anybody think I'm safe to use it? It says on the can that it evaporates quickly.
  14. Here's a site I found where you should be able to get Petroleum Ether:
    Error in Form!

    Have Fun! :wave:
  15. Here's that pet ether url: Http colon [double slash] shop2. chemassociates. com [slash] shopsite [slash] Chemassoc2 [slash] PAS - petroleumether. h t m l

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