*Non-Lightbulb* Homemade vaporizer tutorial

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  1. I did the same thing except I used a jar of polish horse radish instead of a little bottle.
  2. i know this question has been asked already but does the size/shape of the vial matter? And will it explode if too much heat is applied?
  3. that hard part is finding a vial. but it is very small which is a huge +. any suggestions as to where i can get one of these?
  4. A lab supply store would defiantly have them, if you don't have any nearby then just order online

  5. haha ordering stuff to make a homemade piece? i would probably just order a pipe then
  6. dear good sir,
    you have just saved my 4/20. :D
  7. They have similar vapes at my LHS that has the glass tube and stuff, definitely looks less methheadish, but I'll take my $3 lightbulb vape over an $80 glass tube with metal that makes me look slightly less like a meth user... I guess function over form for me?
  8. How much does the vial of ginseng cost
  9. Just made my own version of this bad boy. (Added a carb hole) Cant wait to try it :)
  10. This is absolutely amazing. I smoke outside of my office regularly, but worry about my boss showing up unexpectedly. So, this thread came up and I actually had an oil extract vile, similar to yours in my purse. Grabbed a few supplies from the office and gave it a shot. I literally made an account on here to post this, it's awesome. I'm baked, inside, and there's zero smell. Awesome dude, good post.
  11. This looks sick and I'm looking forward to making it, I just had one quick question. I see where you got the vial, straw, and cap. But where did the tube come from that you put in the middle of the straw and by the opening of the vial. I didn't see it listed in the materials needed, and was just confused on how to make/find it.
  12. I'm not sure where he got it, but if you need an idea, when I made mine I used an empty pen straw (obviously no ink inside) that I snipped to the right size. Worked perfect for me.
  13. Ok sorry about bringing this up again but I tried to make this for myself and I am in the process right now. I am using a brown (kinda thick) glass vanilla extract bottle. I got my mouthpiece in and I was wondering if this will still work as well as a the bottle in the original post? I don't want this thing exploding, or somehow harming me. Let me know if you guys have any knowledge on this.
  14. Okay well first off, if its thicker it will take longer to heat up, but it will be more steady, so that shouldn't be a problem. I don't think it would explode, just possibly crack(which at this point you would stop using it) but if you are worried just try and heat it up with out herb. It shouldn't hurt anything unless you heat it for an extremely long period of time. His design worked extremely well for me. Happy blazing :):smoking:
  15. will the heat from the flame cause the plastic in the cap to melt or release any bad chemicals? also i know this thread is old, do they still sell these vials?

  16. Welcome to GC. I also started out on this thread. And no, it shouldn't, as long as it is large enough vial. I tend to keep mine horizontal. This way the heat doesn't rise too much. GNC sells the vials still. I know the brand has prince in it somewhere. They sell like 30 for 14 bucks. I love it man. Heats up quick, doesn't burn. I stir up the herb with a paper clip.
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    You can lit a lighter to smoke, why can't you lit a lighter to vaporize? Vaporize needs lower temperature than smoke. The hot air produced from a lighter or from volcano does the same job to vaporize your weed. Use a lighter to vaporize, you can adjust temperature instantly, you inhale fresh vapor. Use volcano to vaporize, you can't adjust temperature instantly, you inhale vapor that passed plastic pipe and bag. 
    \nI bet vaporizer makers all know in order to efficiently vaporize, all you need is a little hot air supply from a flame exhaust or other heating devices, such as heating element, heat gun, hair blower etc.
    But how can you make any $ from a lighter? They want to make $ off smokers, so they make stupid big device that can supply hot air for vaping to rip-off innocent smokers.
    \nBest way to vaporize is passing right temperature air/gas through weed, the easiest tool to produce hot air is a lighter. The smaller flame the easier to control the temperature for vaporizing.
    Vapes favorite temperature setting is totally bs. The right temperature gives the best taste. Use a flame to vaporize, so you can adjust temperature instantly by adjusting the inhaling speed or by the distance between the pipe and the flame exhaust. Whenever the taste is right you'll know it. 
    The best homemade I know, easy DIY. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMQ4QQNYstk
  18. Thank God and weed!
  19. Could I set a glass vial on a tart warmer to heat it up?

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