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Discussion in 'General' started by donkeydicknugs, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Whats everyones take on the best cell phone besides the redundant iphone. IPhizzle is the best out by a landslide. I have the FRIGGGGGINNN Evo and the thing sucks donkey dick! worst battery ever, have to take a phone charger everywhere!
  2. I have the evo also, yep battery life sucks. but if you decrease your screen brightness and take it off auto-brightness you can have it last for a couple days without charge. Still, you shouldn't have to do that, mine's cracked with synergy+god mode and still crappy battery life :/
  3. wow, had no clue bout screen and auto brightness, couple days?? yea, mines cracked too, one simple drop and cracked screen. Hate this bs phone bro, thinkin bout rolling with ex blackberry until funds come for iphone

  4. Nah I meant like I put a new OS on it, rooted the phone. But my screen is also cracked lol, it slipped out of my hands and did a couple barrel rolls to the ground and landed on it's face..need to get it fixed but I've got to put the original software back on it or it voids the warranty
  5. You did call it redundant, and made sure to single it out of the 'best' phones'

    Its pretty clear you hate the iPhone

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