non heady bubblers?

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  1. Whats with it? I mean i know smoothness of smoke matters but why spend $150+ on something that has no work on it? I just don't like a bubbler if it doesn't have any work done to it. Its just unappealing to me. Like, id rather have a one chamber heady worked piece than a 2 chamber/ashcatch/diffused clear piece of glass.

    Is it just me or what?
  2. i deifintly agree that clear bubblers are kinda ugly, but im one of those people who perfers function over form so clear glass doesnt bother me if it diffuses well
  3. Yea, i either have to have both( heady + functionality) or none.
  4. Until i can afford to have both then ill stick to functionality lol
  5. I'd rather pay 150 for a nice bubbler than pay 300 for the same one worked.

    Wait nvm I like clear and worked glass.Some glass looks better clear.Imo those bc ashcatchers and bubblers look better clear.
  6. I have a locally blown stemless bubbler, which is all clear. It clears like a bitch, but prefer this Sherlock bubbler that I picked up honestly. (Haven't owned a 'lock bubbler in years)

    My new bub is in a thread I made, and I've only made one thread.

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    I think 99% of worked glass is incredibly gay. I was so stoked when they started making nice pipes with clear glass I can't even tell you. Worked stuff looks so terribly tacky and gaudy. They remind me of polyester shirts old women wear.

    Not everyone wants to look like they play a didgeridoo outside of coffee shops.

    I've thought about becoming a glass blower myself because I don't know who is coming up with these color schemes, but I KNOW there is large untapped market for less tacky shit.

    When I look at the high end thread I'd be embarrassed to own many of them. Its the same with "Pimp My Ride". When they are done with the cars I'm astonished people would ride around in something like that. The only thing I'd care about is that they tinted the windows so nobody could see me.
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    How is there an untapped market for less tacky shit? Clear pieces are literally everywhere.
  9. I'm not talking about clear pieces, I'm talking about worked pieces that don't look so tacky.

    I'd look to the color patterns of nature for inspiration. Most glass blowers apparently look at kaleidoscopes while on acid for inspiration.
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    I buy my pieces to smoke out of, not to look at. And where can you find a worked bub for 150$? I like worked stuff but its obvious why people buy clear ones.

  11. I prefer a clear peice with a heady slide. Salt is a beast.
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    Well art will be art... I hear you though there's only a few color schemes that I reeeallly dig you know. That's why I love scientific glass vs. heady glass, adding a worked section or two can make it look really classy. Check out some SG/N8 collabs, those are incredible.
  13. [​IMG]

    functional, not too bad to look at, hand blown?

  14. It's just personal preference, I like both myself.

    I think most heady bubblers are really cool, I think most all-clear high-end bubblers with showerhead diffusers or what not or so forth are damned cool too. :p

    Some people like glass that has a lot of color and nice worked sections, some people like clear glass so they can see their hits or whatever. And a lot of clear glass has a nice, clean, simple look to it that is aesthetically pleasing to many folks. ;)

    As long as you're getting something that you really like, it's never a waste of money. :smoking:

  15. I think that's pretty ugly, I don't even consider that worked, I think of wigwags and stick stacked glass. I'm not into the old school wrap and rake either.
  16. i like clear glass cuz its cool to see it milk but as a main piece that i use alot and dont wanna have to clean alot its nice to have it be worked who gives a fuck bout the pattern u use it to get high lol

  17. Yeah, but I wouldn't exactly estimate that bubbler at costing $150 either.

    I'm thinking maybe $40 max for something like that. :p
  18. check out the thread i just made.....Glasstafarian dubb bubb. Heady functional huge bubbler.
  19. i love clear glass, but i also love worked glass
  20. I just like the raw basics, no work. You're paying for the extra work done to it. I like to see the smoke and diffusion, rather then having it all colored up. To each his own!

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