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Non-cook ingestion

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Nicholl, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. I was wondering if there was a way to ingest weed without cooking in in a stove.
  2. "Canna-pills" sold at Dispensaries are usually high grade Butane Honey Oil (high grade hash oil) put into gel-caps. Then they are injested. They are of high enough THC concentration that they can be injested without bonding to lipids.
  3. I had a gram of weed once and I used the milk method.
    Rip the weed into pieces (they don't have to be too small) and put it in a mug. Fill the mug with milk and microwave it for about 60-90 seconds. Take out the mug and squeeze the weed with a spoon. Drink the milk but don't eat the weed. Refill the mug and repeat the process once or twice.

    I used 2% milk and got absolutely ripped, but I'm sure 3.25% milk would be even better.
  4. I meant something that I could mix it with, or potentially make at my own house. (NVM Thanks DrFeelGood)
  5. Also, does anyone know if It matters I use chips (or anything else) instead of crackers for Firecrackers? I want to make some, but seem to be out of crackers...:(
  6. NO. it doesnt matter wat u use for Firecrackers as long as The PB is the correct brand. the Crackers are just a surface to hold the PB/WEed combo...
  7. You can make Green Dragon. Let weed sit in alcohol for a while. You can look it up on here with the search.

    It takes a while though.
  8. I'm not sure you're correct about that... and if so, do you have a source?

    I mean, at the price I can get canna-gels, it would be more economical to break them open and smoke the hash oil.

    I think it's more likely hash oil that has been added to some kind of liquid fatty acid.

    I mean, it would be wasteful if it wasn't.
  9. Shit, well the link I had on it is dead now. Well if i find it (and I will keep looking), I'll PM you with it, Sam.
  10. That'd be cool.

    If you're right, that may open up some interesting possibilities. :)

    I tried the canna-gels and I'm not a big fan. The delay in activation makes it weird. By the time it kicks it, I usually forgot I even took them. Not that economical either, a little on the expensive side.

    but I mean, if what's inside is hash oil, then i've been missing out.
  11. I should have been more specific. You can get high off of just eating hash oil, but I can't say every cannagel is made that way.

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