Non cfl/hid lights? [pix]

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by 1r0n1ungs, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. that does look like a tradicional incandescent bulb to me. If so, its not good. Better collect or go by a new set of fluoros if what you want is cheap-ease. Wanna go serious get an interchangeable ssytem to use a MH and HPS bulb for veg and bud respectively

    Currently on my first grow
    4x39 daylight Osram Fluoros hung up in chains, some old school twist, jeje.
    4 Indicas
    6 Sativas
    .5 g/L of "triple 17 plus" (17-17-17 N-P-K and some micrconutes)
    .5 g/L of "nutriflor" (15-30-15 N-P-K)
    35 days 12-12
  2. definetly not good. i bought one of those because i was confused about what CFL's were at the time. big mistake. buy a 42w=150w CFL. trust me those grow bulbs are insanely hot and they dont produce the right spectrum needed for weed growth
  3. Okay thanks, I have 3x 40w cfl's now, i took the incadescents out!
  4. those are junk. throw them away.

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