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  1. Hey guys,
    I'd like to get a portable vape pen, but don't want a pen that uses butane.  Does anyone know of any USB-charged vape pens that don't use butane that they've had success with?
    Thank ya,

  2. I've never even heard of a vape pen that uses butane.
    He's saying he doesn't want a pen with butane, but yes, I've never heard of a pen with butane either. 
    Check out the V2 Pro Series 3. Right now it can do E-liquids and dry herbs. The cartridge for wax/concentrates should be out mid November. That is a link to my site where I just review vapes, I don't sell them. 
    The V2 Pro S3 is the ONLY vape pen that can successfully vape dry herbs. Don't be fooled by any other company like Atmos or Yocan. 
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    Not true. Although Atmos and Yocan are shitty IMO

    Id look into the T-Vape 2.0

    It comes with 2 sizes of batteries and 2 sizes of chambers.
    Super easy to clean too.

    Edit- I assumed you were looking for a vape pen to vape bud and not concentrates
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    I haven't used that one yet. Seems a bit pricey for a pen. How's the battery life and vapor quality? Is it just for dry herbs?
    It looks like T-Vape went out of business. At least the site is gone now and it's been taken over by this squaresmoke... I'm confused. 
  6.  Went out of business?   
    PHD is a marketing company.    It is not uncommon for manufactures to hire an outside marketing company to do all of their marketing so that they can concentrate on what they do best...........manufacturing.
    While I am not saying that T-Vape didn't go belly-up, I think that a direct link to this marketing company is not necessarily an indication that they are out of business.
  7. Yea I didn't know for sure, just guessing. I've only heard of the Imag and V2 pro vaping dry herbs. 
  8. The v2 pro series 3 is an absolute piece of fucking junk. Typical old china crap that can be had for half the price by skipping over the "manufacturer" and going strait to china for it.
    Why is it a piece of junk? Just curious... mine works just fine so far. Had it for about 2-3 months now. I don't much about e-cigs either so I wouldn't know how to go straight to china for it. 
  10. Friend who runs a vapor shop got a couple as a sample. All of them were complete crap quality. None of them vaporized worth a shit. Not a surprise though because its is just china crap.
  11. I got mine directly from the manufacturer V2 and it worked exactly how it's supposed too. I know of numerous others who have bought one and like it very much. That's shitty you got a bad shipment. Maybe it was a different vape? V2 has been around for a long time and are very successful company. 
  12. Came directly from the "manufacturer". I think its safe to say it is just complete crap quality.
  13. Whatever you say buddy. Mine works just fine and so does everyone elses who has bought one. Sorry about your luck. Maybe your "buddy that owns the vape store" should contact V2 or maybe just buy them from them instead of the chinese alibaba site he got them from. 
    I'm curious as to what happened after he got them all and they didnt work? Did he send them back? Did he get a refund? This story doesn't make any sense. 
  14. Not everyone else... Ive seen people posting about problems with it elsewhere too. He actually got them directly from V2 so you can take your assumptions and well you know shove them up your ass.
    He contacted them. Let them know that their device was garbage, and then threw them away because he only had a few hundred in it to get the samples anyways. He gets a lot of samples in of devices and ends up getting rid of them. Is part of the cost of doing business when you want to sell cheap vaporizers and need to get your hands on them before you place large orders. Lol refund. Lol send them back. No body offers refunds that I know of on used vaporizers other than one of the log vape manufacturers. You must be slow?
    You are such a nice guy. /s
  16. Nice enough to let you know that your website is crap. I would say im pretty much the nicest guy on the planet actually.
  17. Let's not get crazy now >_>
    "GET" crazy ???
  19. It's too late for you old man. Sitting atop a mountain somewhere with a giant beard ripping clouds out of your lsv. You sir are too far gone :D
    Well that statement had me go digging for an old pic of mine using my very first vaporizer, a VaporGenie and what vapor did to me by the 3rd hit:

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