non auto started to auto?

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  1. Hi!

    I germed 3 bagseed from a grower I know who came up with a strain that does well outdoors in the uk.

    Apparently through trial and error he came up with something that did consistently well outdoors.
    Don't know what strains he crossed to arrive at that.

    As an experiment before I do a proper White Satin LED grow, I wanted to see how well his strain would do indoors.

    They sprouted at the beginning of July and I kept them on 16/8 after 2 weeks of 24/0.

    About 9th August two of them started to show sex, one male, one female.

    Thinking it was just preflower but then overnight, the female was full on budding and the male had pollen sacs.
    On the 12th the third autoflowered but not as extreme as the other female, she was slightly slower growing than the other two anyway.

    So my question is... for a non auto that has autoed, do I stay on 16/8 or even 18/6 treating it as an auto to maximise bud? or go 12/12 treating as a non auto?

    I've put the first female on 12/12 and just put the slower female on 24 with seedlings to hedge my bets.

    But if any of you know any better, do let me know!!:)

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