Non Auto Flower Started To Flower Under 24

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  1. It has been Vegging since germination feb1st.  Last week I noticed it was really starting to flower.....I was trying to keep it inside till june at least...anyway Can I put this plant outside under the suns natral rays and still have it flower up nicely....
    What I was planning on doing was putting in the shed at 8 pm and bringing out at 8am simulating a 12/12.
    The reason behind this is that I have heard that it may just go back to a veg state.
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    28 weeks of 24/0 veg? Holy sheets.

    You've had it inside for 28 weeks of veg under 24 hour lights? I have heard of people vegging indoors and flowering outdoors, but I'm not sure on the logistics of it.

    Whatever you decide to do, I wanna see your yield haha.
  3. Yeah I really was excited about growing so I sort of jumped the gun....finished up a Polar lights 2 auto plant got half oz which is pretty good for my first grow but pretty cheap yeild for that particulair starin
    smoked really good though

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