Non Aggressive pit bulls face euthanasia-SIGN PETITION!

Discussion in 'Pets' started by cinderellax, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. [quote name='"cinderellax"']I just wanted to share something with all the pit haters. I got a call today from an animal trainer I gave my husky to, sent him there to live on a farm with lots of other animals while being trained to pull a wagon of animal food up and down a hill. My husband and I raised this husky from 8 weeks old and gave him away when he was a year and half old. He was very friendly and loving and never showed any aggression toward anyone or anything. He even gets along with the trainer's cat.

    Anyways, the trainer called to tell me that Phoenix (husky) brutally murdered her favorite goat. A goat that Phoenix would regularly hang out with on the farm. This goat was 80 pounds with horns and Phoenix took her down no problem. But he didn't just stop there, he ripped her to pieces. My LOVING, FRIENDLY, TRAINED husky murdered a goat.

    It's not just pit bulls. Any dog, any breed can have an evil side. And I know that now. I hope all the pit bull haters who say they should all be euthanized, stop and take a second to think about this. It's not just pits, it's huskies, it's labs, cocker spaniels, dobermans...All breeds can have that one evil dog.[/quote]

    That's sad to hear but that's there nature

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