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Nomad Blades

Discussion in 'General' started by DreamCalledLife, May 14, 2010.

  1. For the last 7 months I haven't been able to stay in any one place longer than 2 or 3 weeks. It's starting to drain me. I don't have any family around me, that can afford to take me in, and it's difficult for me to get my roots planted and support myself because I haven't been able to stay in any one place long enough to get settled.

    Any other Grasscity Nomads out there?
  2. that sucks man. are you just moving from friend to friend or are you actually renting out places and getting kicked out?
  3. I'm not there now, but I've been there.

    With the right attitude, and no outside responsibilities (ie, kids) it's totally under-rated with the right mindset. It's far from ideal, but a few months bouncing around really isn't that bad if you've got a car.
  4. Moving from friend to friend. Most of my move outs have to do with landlords not allowing extra tenants or because I get a job offer somewhere too far away. I haven't been kicked out of places for any reason due to my behavior or anything like that.

  5. I've got twin girls that I've been failing to provide for for 21 months now.

    The carpet keeps getting pulled out from under me.

    I don't have a car either :\
  6. so now where are you sleeping? The shelter?
  7. damn I definatley feel you. + rep man

    Hey man, consider the army.
  8. Right now I'm staying with a dude I met at a festival. I'm doing work exchange for him until I get a job, I've been here a week now. The only thing that might prevent me staying here long term are his mental health issues. He is manic depressive and bipolar.
  9. Been there, done that, they won't take me unless I get my high school diploma (I have my GED), or have 15 college credits. I could get the diplom but that is dependent on a stable living condition, as well as college credits.
  10. Jesus. How are you holding up, mentally? Do you have a plan?
  11. Damn dude. Good luck with you and your present roomate. Yikes. :(
  12. I'm pretty solid emotionally and mentally. I am hopeful, at least. I'm working on getting a job in this tiny ass town. If I get a full time job I think I can stay here indefinitely. This might be the break I needed, though I can't be certain. My roommate is up one minute and down the next. He actually bought me an iphone and signed a 2 year contract for me, and then took it away because he said he made a mistake.

    So you can understand my concern.
  13. x2. I've been in tough situations like this when I was young, minus the kids. He's clearly an articulate person with at least some hope of really making something of himself as a man and a father. I hope he can scrounge something together in the next few years before his kids get older.

    You've got friends here, dude.
  14. So he's not just dealing with a few things, he's full-throttle mentally ill. I see.

    The only thing I worry about here is that his lows go too low, and you're in physical danger.
  15. I don't think I'm in physical danger, he appreciates my company. I have a strong grounding effect on him. I'm his assistant in a lot of aspects of his life. I remember things for him, keep the house clean.

    He is really brilliant though, he is a trained drum circle facilitator and is trying to get his own business running, which I see him being successful in the future.

    His head gets in his way though.
  16. What the FUCK.

    You're in the next state. I'd take you in if I could, but I live with my mom in a one bedroom, hehe.

    If I lived on my own, I'd help ya out. For real.
  17. I appreciate the thought, +rep.
  18. A wise man once told me that God makes us live as nomads to make us rely more on him than the world. Just look at David for an example.

    My faith is strong. I am trusting the spirit.
  19. I am considering a program called Teen Challenge, to serve as a staging point for the rest of my life. It's 18 months long. I'd go across the country to California to do it.

    Teen Challenge USA :: Home

    I have a friend that can get me in, but I pushed him aside because of my pride.

    No I don't need a program to be successful, I just need stability.

    The world isn't offering me any stability.

    Right now my roommate is in his depressive state, crying in the bathroom. He quit his job, and signed a two year contract for an iphone in his manic state. He missed 5 psych appointments. This situation seems very precarious.
  20. try job corps. something told me to tell you this. They pay you money, feed you, shelter you while you get your high school diploma/ged and learn career skills. And as far as I know if your the right age and broke, you qualify. But just give them a call. I had a bad experience at job corp but I'm sure if I was in your situation it wouldve been a blessing

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