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    for the past hour my head it felt like there were billions of car alarms and sirens going off at once. It was as though I hear everything happening at once, people dying, guns being fired, people talking, radios playing. And then it all stooped, complete silence, not even sound from the television. And I just hung there, in silence. Thinking.

  2. Reminds me of my most Cosmic experience. :)

    I could literally hear airplanes 25 miles or so away. Like they were right in the sky above. And when they did go right above, I could hear them perfectly.
  3. But it felt so literal. most of the time I imagined these sort of events as random tricks the psyche played. Is this a feeling that can be maintained?

  4. Well, the feeling yes. The disattachment to the senses is not an easy trick for the mind (sense number six - six six six anyone?) to undo. Therefore come to the core of your being. If nothing else will do, begin by looking within to the heart. See its beating. All is in rhythm with the heart, as all truly resonates with the heart.

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