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  1. I live in Minnesota. Earlier I was four-wheeling through a grove and i decided to stop, smoke some ganj, and walk around. I smoked a few bowls of nug on the trail. Then I started to wander in the forest. I was digging the silence of the woods around me as I walked, and then i heard a noise in the distance. It was the only noise louder than the remaining leaves rustling in the breeze. As it got closer, i knew what it was: It was the engine of a plane. As it passed over, I couldn't hear nature, and it pissed me of. Once it was gone, everything was calm again. As soon as the plane was out of my earshot, I hear another noise. And it's another plane, flying the same direction. I heard 11 more planes fly overhead, in a row, with no more than 1 second between each passing. That's 13 planes, two of which passed at the same time, directly over me.

    Well, that's my story. So, Whudafxup, Grasscity?

  2. probably the army we get them all the time. mind you ive never seen 13 of them at once
  3. its the russians! ahh

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