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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bungle420, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. What's best for the 'wooosh'
    Tryin to quiet my grow down an lookin for opinions. Should I go with acoustic ductin or go for a silencer. 5metre of acoustic ductin costs pretty much the same as a 6inch silencer. I aim to get both in the end but which one first. Which works best?
  2. Depends which whoosh you are talking about. Do you mean the sound of the air in the duct or the sound of the air bursting outside?
  3. The air moving through the duct. There's actually not that much noise coming from the exhaust... I've heard silencers r supposed to b a waste of money but want to know what others think b4 I go spending on upgrades.

  4. Siencers are a waste of money, but highly recommended.

    Make a DIY silencer.
    Making one is similar to simple DIY carbon filter guides, but instead of a closed end and filled with activated carbon, it is lined with sound proofing foam, and double ended.
  5. not sure about your setup but if your running a inline blower and just have duct on the intake adding a piece to the exhaust side will quiet it down a bit

    the air noise travels through the duct adding a peice will cause less noise resistance
  6. I have insulated ducting and I find it helps a little, cost about $15-20 more than regular, it's really hard to make anything quiet thats moving air at 200 cubic feet per minute, but it muffles what it can.

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