Noise from fans, exhaust, lights etc

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  1. Newbie grower here, having trouble finding a fan for airflow that isn't humming away plus the LED fans whooshing away making my tent rather unstealthy. The exhaust fan actually pretty silent compared to the others.

    Was planning to get a dehumidifier but I know they hum like a bitch.
  2. I have found the qmax fan to be the best fan out there followed by the vortex s series comparing performance to
    Noise levels. I further quieted things down when I went to cob style led with passive cooling(no fan) or go with a board style led without cooling fans. Hope that helps. Hate all the noise of fans too.
  3. Quiet fans arent but about 25$

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  4. Wrap the inside of your grow room in eggshell foam? Suppost to have great noise canclation qualities they use it in music rooms and what not

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  5. Good thinking outside the box. Not sure how much it will effect the reflection and heat though
  6. Friend of mine made one using a 7 inch fan. a cardboard box and egg boxes for noise reduction attached 2 pieces ducting on to it back ducting into tent and out front to small vent to outside worked well

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  7. It is the cardboard egg shell that has the better absorption coefficient. Carpet absorbs sound really well, and is cheap especially if you can get it for free if you find someone that is switching theirs out as long as it doesn't have a dog piss on it or something

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