NoFX, Bitch!

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by cuatro veinte, Oct 8, 2007.

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    Fuck I fucking love this band they're the shit I tell ya.
  2. Man, not up my alley. I prefer either the more chilled out music or the extremely trippy music. Either one. I'm soo high right now. haha.
  3. FUCK YEAH! NOFX is amazing, I have like every single album since ribbed. I was REALLY into them in high school/middle school. I would wear a NOFX- The Decline t-shirt a lot. Also my Operation Ivy Energy tee.

    Fav album has to be punk in drublic
  4. Dude, NOFX was my favorite band back in middle school and high school too. I have several hundred nofx songs on my computer.

    Back in HS I would wear my heavy petting zoo shirt with the dude fingering a sheep until one of my teachers noticed what it was and told me I could never wear it to school again.
  5. Wow brings back memories, I was never into them though.

    The guy at the end, or the guy that the whole video is about looks like the guy from American History X played by Edward Norton.
  6. I've got their discography.

    Brings back memories for me too.
  7. I saw them and they blew me away. I like most of their stuff up until war on errorism. Their first cd is still my favorite..
  8. Sometimes I think of all the places where I don't wanna go
    Then I think of all the things that I never wanna do
    And when I think of all the people that I don't wanna meet
    I close my eyes and go to sleep

    Tully, baby, you're trapped behind your golden bars
    I'm the prince of poverty I hang around in bars
    Your life's a Mercedes, a mansion with a pool
    My life's on a bus stop just waiting for some fuel

    Your obviousness disgusts me I see thru your macho lies
    I'll fight everything you stand for
    There's something in your purse baby, my head is getting sore
    Maybe what we had was just green corn
  9. One of my favorite bands in high school. Still listen to them.

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