Nodes/w pics at 25 days from seed ??

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  1. Plant is bag seed 25 days old from sprout and is going on its 6th node but is only 5'' tall. I have a very small grow space so I'm assuming the tighter the better but do they look too tight ? Any advice would help.

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  2. Looks a little unhappy at the moment, but the growth looks good overall...

    New and open to any suggestions from the masters.
  3. That doesn't even look like marijuana to me haha... I must be baked!
  4. The pic makes her look a little funky but that's just her morning face.

    Here is another photo after she went inside.

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  5. Haha. Yes, I thought the same thing before she started to stink.
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  6. Looking pretty good. Thats about the same size as mine and im at 27 days. I see that the very bottom 2 leaves are yellowing. Might want to take them off. Keep us posted. Happy growing.
  7. She is very stinky. Not sure how common that is at this point, since this is my first grow.
  8. I know its common for the bottom first two leaves to yellow but ibwasnt sure if I should leave them on or not. Well thanks for the advice. I will add new photo in a few days .
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  9. Few of mine are starting to stink too, but in a good way. Smells like MJ in the making.
  10. If all fails with this plant, at least least I got to smell her dankies.
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  11. Newbe 38, what strains are your plants and how do they smell?
    Any pics to compare ?
  12. Seeds are from last years grow from my girlfriends step dad. Iseen her last seed order and their was about 8 different strains ordered so i have no idea what all im growing. Lol. I do know i have about an 80% chance that they are autoflower. A few of them are starting to smell like weed but with a hint of like a tomato plant would smell. Its getting pretty strong to where i can smell it in the room when i walk in.

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  13. They all look nice and healthy for one month. Definitely more growth than the two I have. Slow and steady is what I keep saying. I don't know what I'm growing either. Just seeds that I got from some midz shake.
  14. Ye
    Yes, slow and steady. Ive topped a couple times and started LST a couple days ago. Have you started adding nutrients yet?
  15. This my other plant. And yes, but only molasses. So far. If it fails me I will move on to a fertilizer. I'm trying to go as clean as I can. I started the lst at 5 days cause I was stupid and couldn't stop messing with it. N
    But its fine now. Haven't topped or anything. Just lst.

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  16. I know its so tempting to mess with them but patience is key i have learned. Please keep me posted on how they are doing?
  17. Will do. Good luck.
  18. I know i will need !
  19. Here's my Donkey Dick bag seed at a little over 30 days...decent amount of lst and topped once.
    The top 2 pics are a little less than 12 hours after the bottom one. She bounced back quick.

    New and open to any suggestions from the masters.
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