Nodes shrunk significantly, yellowing around center, Possible Iron issue

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  1. So what happened was plants were growing great with huge nodes. I made the mistake of trying to double down on feed (normally was water, feed, water, feed). I also added Myco+ at the same time while feeding for twice in a row. I quickly realized something was wrong. The centers of nodes started yellowing. So I immediately switched to water. I watered twice, the 2nd time I also used Myco+ to add a small amount of nutes and some Iron (since it appeared to be iron lockout). The problem continued to get worse and now the nodes are very small especially lower growth (but tops are also effected). I decided to use Clearex and go full flush. I have now used more than double the normal water amount with clearex twice, the 2nd time using Cal-Mag+. I have seen some minor improvements but still have very small nodes.

    So my question is can I safely start using nutes again? I really don't understand what is happening. I have never seen my own plants so healthy prior to this happening and now I can't seem to bring them back.

    First image is before flush:
    After Flush:
    It is also effecting 4 plants the same way, 3 different kinds. As you can see in the photos growth has continued it may even be stretching after flushing but I still have the small nodes and worry I may still be having Iron lockout for some reason? Can I safely feed? What should I do next watering time?

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