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  1. How many of you REALLY enjoy the good ole' feeling of nodding into la la land or is a love/hate thing for ya?
  2. as innn hay-ro or any opiate? im down for opium or some good old OC but no thanks on the h bomb...
  3. I love it. But I'm pretty addicted and I'm out untill thursday, so I guess you could say I'm feeling like a shitbag.
  4. I've never "nodded" before. I've just started trying hydrocodone(first opiate I've ever tried) and I have 18 left so maybe I will get to experience it :D
  5. Definatly got to choose Love/Hate.
  6. I love that specal feeling of noddin, its the best part of eatting them bitches. And im talking about all opiates tho i stick w/ oxy/hydro
  7. Bump! Theres gotta be more people who enjoy noddin out?!
  8. That's why we have the Opiate Appreciation thread, right?

    None the less:

  9. Opiates are nice every once and a while. Don't rip pharms anymore.

    I will stick to opium.

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