Nodding in school

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  1. So I'm a senior in highschool, and today in last hour history, I was high as hell. I had snorted 1 10mg Hydro at about 1:30. Then at about 2:30, I chewed up one 10mg Hydro and swallowed it. Good thing we were watching a movie in that class, because I was nodding really bad. The teacher walked over to me and say "Hey how bout you go get a drink and wake up?" So I got up and took a drink in the hall. I think that drink totally ruined my fun. I wasn't nodding anymore... But I think that it was a close encounter... :)
  2. yaaa so cool to be snorting pills at school dude. your one awesome dude. have fun wasting your life
  3. yaaa so cool to hating on snorting pills at school dude. your one awesome dude. have fun wasting your life
  4. I'm not trying to act cool here, this post is just about the encounter with the teacher.

  5. u know how much aspirin/APAP is in a 10mg NORCO?!? Jesus man, just eat em.. chew em up if it really makes u feel better... And um next time, maybe do them in the safety & privacy of ur room/home.. I know school can b boring as hell though..
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    I've been doin that alot lately haha, +rep for the balls for snortin and poppin in school, not that it's to be proud of but still, lol. I just got caught with green and alcohol in school. might get kicked out lol

    I hope my college tuition don't get wasted though, be soooo pissed
  7. This thread should be in pandoras box.

  8. No, it fits in nicely here.

    Thumbs up to nodding at school. It just beats out smoking herb, for me.
  9. 20mg of hydro shouldn't make anyone nod.
  10. did the same thing a fe monthes ago in study hall.Took like 50 MG's of oxy and nodded so bad lmao.Everyone was laughing everytime my head hit the table,over and over.I really regret it now....Moral=Don't mix drugs with school:p
  11. This thread should either be in Pandora's Box or deleted altogether.

    So your teacher told you to get a drink.. i don't think that's new thread-worthy..
  12. any thread about "other drugs" belongs in Pandoras juts to let you know..

    and any hydrocodone pill is heavily cut with tylenol, so snorting it is pointless due to SO MUCH crap plugging your nose, it stops alot of the TINY bit of good shit in there from absorbing correctly..

    no good man..just pop or crush and eat.. or stick it up yo ass.;)
  13. Well, maybe I should have given you guys a bit more of background info. I did a CWE on one of the hydros, and then I evaporated the water. And I put the actual hydro in a capsul. But the one I chewed up was just in regular pill form.
  14. Snorting in school sounded like alotta fun bro, miss that kind of thing so much.
    teacher mighta thought your listening to music or something tho not that close

    Quit acting so smug makes you look pathetic

  15. It might sound weird, but me and my friends like to snort at school. Doing it almost provides a bit of a rush itself.
  16. yeah i dont know about noddin off of 20 mg, especially since you snorted one lol, that one probably didnt have much of an effect on you, maybe it was just being really relaxed plus some placebo or something
  17. It wasn't placebo I've done Hydros numerous times... I think relaxation was a huge part of it. But it was the best expirence on Hydros that I have ever had!

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