Noby Noby Boy?

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  1. anyone buy or play this game yet? looks wicked as hell and its made by the same people who made katamari damacacy so you kow its gonna look awesome. Im planning on buying it, but i gotta get sum money on my card
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    I just played it on my roomies PS3, and it was amazingly fun. It seems really stupid just walking around stretching and eating everything, but it is so differnet it just held my attention for hours on end. Plus, you can eat people and random objects and if you are too small or you wait long enough it will fire out your ass with a fart, which is hillarious. Hell, you can even fly around and play in the clouds or have a pig ride you around as you stretch. It kinda seems like a crazy ass acid trip, but it was really fun to play stoned or sober. You have to go into the game expecting a very different and creative game, not another first person shooter or RPG. If you love games like that or even love katamari, you will adore this game. Plus we just streched Girl to the moon to unlock more enviroments. You won't get this until ya play lol.

    (P.S. OMG first post for me :p)

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