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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Samus, Aug 5, 2003.


Do you read every post in a thread? or just the first few/last?

  1. I read them all

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  2. I read most

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  3. I read only a small portion of a thread

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  4. I dont like grasscity, so i dont post here

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  1. I dont think that if you post in a thread that has 4 pages, that your post will even get read by 90%. do you agree? i guess what the poll is about is, well, do you read everys single post? i never post in topics with more than 2 pages usually, because im guessing its a waste of time. i dont even read much past the first 2 pages if im not completely awesomely amazingly interested in the subject.

    Do you read every post in a thread?
  2. I read most....not a lot in forum humor or spirtuality and philosophy (only because sometimes I let my emotions get the better of me)

    But I try to read everything if I can.
  3. depends what thread it is... if i know the thread and its long.... i\'ll just read the ones i haven\'t seen yet... other wise... the whole ting.... just to get an idea of whats goin on... cause sometimes....some of the best ones are the ones off topic.....
  4. lol, ...

  5. same here, long posts are annoying when im really antsey
  6. i know people dont read my posts because ill ask what i should do, decide on something and do it, and then people will keep giving me advice. i mean, its nice that they want to help, but its hard to help when the problem has been resolved. i think its best to at least skim all the posts.
  7. i\'d say i read about 80% of all threads and once in i thread i do my best to read at least 98.2% of its content. there are rare occasions where too many people start boring me and i skip on ahead, but for the vast majority, theres always enough of you sayin sumtin interestin to keep me glued.

    but then... thats just me.

    i eat, sleep and breath grasscity.

    if i was healthier with more (some... ANY) grass and lived in a society that wasnt over run with rednecks i\'d get out alot more.

    shame none of those things are happenin in reality.

    looks like i\'ll continue to eat, sleep and breath grasscity! :D
  8. i read about 98% of the posts. i love reading anything thats new too me, which is almost every post that i read.
  9. don\'t go to \"Todays Active Posts\" first? That\'s what I do. That way I keep up with everything that\'s been going on since the last time I was here.
  10. :D

    (Obliviot just scored 2 points!)
  11. omg! lmao!

    i would say i read most of em. depends on the mood sometimes. gravys right, off topic posts can be the best part sometimes!

  12. :rolleyes: get over yourself.

    HA! who am I to say that??? im only the other person that does the same thing. in fact I did this yesterday when I was looking for my BOX :p I went back and read some other things I posted in pandoras box, *whew* what was I smoking?!?!?!?

    anyway, I do have a pet peeve that REALLY peeves me that kind of has to do with this thread, SO PAY ATTENTION..

    I HATE it when someone sees the thread title, maaaybe reads the first post, and clicks reply, waaaaay to damn lazy to read some of the other replies, and well in the long run looks very ignorant and prettymuch just erks the hell out of me posting some question or fact that was answered or already pointed out. Furthermore, asking for a pic when the pic was already posted. I mean, open you eyes!!! *sheeeeesh*

    i need coffee..

  13. why yes, yes i am lol
  14. so why the fuck is it im suddenly not alowwed to vote?

    i read all the muther fucking posts!!

    (well most of the time)

    and i dont care if you repete the last guy ...

    or maybe i do .....

    or maybe i dont care if i care....

    yes that must be it!
  15. i try to read most or all of them in a thread, makes me feel included and up to date :). i think this is 400 for me! yay!
  16. YOu know...I FUCKIN hate it when people reply to threads without reading all the previous threads...GOD DAMNIT that makes me mad...ESPECIALLY when someone posts something, and the VERY NEXT ASSHOLE posts the exact same thing....damnit...fuck off!!!


    juuuuuuust kidding.

    yeah i think i forgot to mention that i avoid the grow forums. just too damn painful when ya not growin but love to grow.
    but yeah, besides that i read nearly all.

    and yes.... i have no life.

    damn you gotta love them bongish & obliviot duets! lol. fuckin ace guys.

  17. lol, you have a really awesome sense of humor! :D *ducks before he can kick me*
  18. i think we should leave these two alone ;)

    i wonder about anyone that would enter the insurance field.

  19. *high voice from laughing whilst inhaling whilst speaking really quick in one breath*

    holyfuckholyfuckthatssofunnyholyfuck!! :D

    yeah, i hear ya moonlight. maybe this can be their thread. ya know.. just like the dinguses have the church, we have the pictures of us thread.... maybe they can hang out here for a while. ;)

    i think she\'s hoping obliv\'s joint is bigger than that. ;) :p

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