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  1. Hey guys. I was just curious, would anyone happen to know how I could get the effects of vikes/o.c , or something similar... from something o.t.c.? aside from maybe robo. The area I live in is BONE dry, and it's bumming me out, hard.

    I thought about heading to the hopsital, and tell them I twisted something in my back, but my insurance has yet to kick in. I do not feel like getting a bill for like, $1,000, for a 10 minute trip to a doctor, and a lousy 15 vikes.

    If not, thanks anyway. Oh, and I did try goggle... just figured I would give these forums a shot.
  2. uhh . . .

    man up and wait it out?

    get some weed?

    read a book?

    idk, i just don't like seeing people get addicted
  3. man up and wait? im not an addict. if i were? I'd be at the hospital and not worrying about getting some bill , that I could easily get away with not paying. Sheesh , way to be judgmental.
  4. That wasn't judgmental at all, you're acting like an addict. There's a big difference between wanting something and fiending, and the way you type it out sounds like you're fiending.

  5. Wha? And yes, it is being judgmental. Sounds to me as if he is saying I'm some sort of loser, which I am not. Also, sounding like a fiend? How I am typing it out? Oh, so you can tell a tone by how one types? I asked a simple question, there's no need to jump down my throat, calling me a junkie.
  6. I do not mess with any hard drugs. in fact, rarely do i smoke herb. nor do i drink. it's been a pretty rough week, just looking to relax, and not just a high from the herb. that stuff i only touch at parties or before bed.

    edit* I only mention the hospital bit because i figured someone would mention that.
  7. Did I ever say I could tell your tone by the way you type? Stop interpreting things like a retard just so you can get offended.

    You said you were getting bummed out because your city is so dry. You said you were thinking about going to the hospital to get pills. That's fiending. Nobody said anything else, so stop reading into it.

    The fact that you're getting so pissed off makes you look even worse, so just quit while you're ahead man. Christ.
  8. I was bummed because I'm in a crap mood, not because I have no drugs. One has nothing to do with the other, though... it did sound that way. The thing about the hospital, as I mentioned, was just in case anyone suggested it.

    If you've no idea on what I ask, why bother to respond?

  9. Haha opiates. Buy some kratom of the internet, closes legal thing you will get to an opiate. Believe me, most people who take recreational vicodin don't think they have a problem with vicodin. Oh, and opiates can fuck up your body the same way heroin does.

  10. Just like guy House on TV!!!!!!!! :eek::eek:
  11. Yeah, and everyone else I know that does vicodin and painkillers recreationally haha.:smoke:
  12. Hm. Well, I am not the typical user. I don't even like taking asprin, because I am paranoid like that. It is not as if I am looking for a way to get through life. Hell, my life is great. I work 60+ hrs a week, hardly any time to sit around and get wasted on pills.

    Funny, people who use drugs are lecturing me on drug use. And yes, I am well aware herb isn't an opiate, but it is still a drug. Also, don't bother with the "it's natural!" b.s.

    Drugs are drugs. To say ALL people who dabble in pills, are junkies... is ignorant.

  13. Man working 60+ hours a week does not sound great. sounds like your a slave to the machine of society. Don't you understand the people who are "lecturing" you are just concerned that you'll become a fucking addict. Vicoden does the same thing herion does and is just a as addicting you just need more of it to get fucked up so don't fuck around with that shit unless your prepaired to get fucked.

    And from the way you worded everything, in my opinion you sound like you are a fiend and realy want some pills bad if you had to go to the internet to ask how, either that or your just a dumb kid.
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    Dude, we get it - you dont have to prove to us that you are not a junkie. The guy originally wasn't calling you a junkie, just saying that you can become addicted through drug use. It was funny to watch you get pretty defensive on your first reply.
  15. And, unfortunately, my grandfather :( He was totally out of it for the last couple of years of his life, nodding away into nothing. He was happy though, so im not going to judge him. If opiates were his thing, then whatever floats his boat is cool with me.
  16. I bet he was prescribed them. Why blame your grandfather if he was only taking his prescription? He most likely needed them.
  17. And besides, they are excellent relief.
  18. For both mental and physical pain. :wave:
  19. I'm not blaming him at all, and he was prescribed them. He had a good personal relationship with his doctor and was getting way more pills than he really needed. But still, i'm glad last years were painless, as there are a lot of people without these friendly doctors who are stuck in misery int their last breath. I was just saying that he probably didn't realize the negatives of frequent (constant) opiate use.
  20. A few years back I was taking methadone, unsure of the strength, but I took it a lot. At least 3 pills a day, for over a year. I stopped taking them cold turkey. Point is, a few here and there is not going to do a thing to me.

    Forget I asked.

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