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    Hey guys, first time posting and long time toking. I've been using a Vaporgenie for the past few months and I love it, but I decided it was time to upgrade. Looking at a few vapes but this one caught my eye for sure. Anybody have any opinions on it? I'm not to picky on the price range so if anyone had other suggestions of great vapes that would be awesome. I thought this one was cool cause it can be used on the go and it can be used while pluged into the wall. Doesn't have to portable cause I still enjoy smoking outside. The primary reason I got the Vaporgenie was to keep the smell on the down low while I get stoned in my room. So it defently can't have very much smell. Thanks in advance and keep toking!
  2. its terrible. if u want a portable get a magic flight hands down the cheapest and most efficient
  3. Whats bad about it?
  4. its too expensive for what it is. It breaks and leaks easily. The vapor hits arent good. look at the magic flight launch box appreciation thread
  5. Thanks for the help
  6. I got the NO2 a couple months ago and I thought it was the best investment ever... I was getting large hits considering it was vapor and when plugged into the charger it heats up very fast and when not on the charger still heats up pretty fast and its nice to be able to control the temp to get extra hits from your bowl!
  7. Ive heard alot of good about it. Does it smell very much?
  8. I never had a problem with the smell. I would vape in the locker room before my high school basketball games and no one on the team could ever smell it and my parents never had a clue when i would vape in the living room.
  9. I've used vapir no2, in my opinion is the best Vapir vaporizer, but I think are better others portable vaporizers like Arizer Solo, magic flight, omicron...

    I like use it with a bong and vaporize polm, temperature is good for hash. Taste is good at the begining, later I don't like.

    [ame=]Vapir NO2 + Hash + Bubbler XXL - YouTube[/ame]

    With a power cord is heating quickly.
  10. I have owned the NO2. Currently using the Arizer Solo.

    It really depends on what you want I guess. If you have the convenience of being at a home or car all the time, the NO2 is a lot better than the MFLB. The MFLB produces light vapor but it's portable enough to fit in your hand.

    The NO2 produces somewhat of a smell. It is vapor after all, but the smell goes away relatively fast if you open the window or febreeze it. My Solo absolutely reeks because of the heavy clouds, but I may just have a sensitive nose.

    From what I read, I wouldn't suggest the MFLB. It's made for portability and stealth. For the best bang for the buck, a desktop vape is usually the way to go if you don't mind carrying it around. Portable vaporizers generally produce lighter vapor.

    If you're not picky on the price, I recommend the Solo for portability and SSV as a desktop. The Arizer Extreme-Q offers a bag/whip combo if you're into that. If you're worried about smell, you can always get a smoke buddy and blow into it.

    The Solo has been my daily hitter. it hits like an electronic piece and it can get VERY harsh if you can't get over smoking. The battery and taste is better than the NO2, and it is a lot more portable.

  11. Forreal, at temps 6 and 7 the amount of visible vapor the Solo produces is crazy. I usually keep it at 5 as its a good middle ground, gives me vapor fast and kicks in quick.

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