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  1. Hi all,
    I joined back in Oct. '22, but have yet to intro m'self. So, HIGH! er, i mean HI!, right? :passing-joint:
    Sumpin' liked dat, but yanno wot i mean.
    Anyway, I'm a long time (decades) smoker, but only recently back in the scene after
    some 25 years off of smoke. IIII KNOW!. It's been fun, now that it's legal, but then
    legalization presents probs in itself, mainly in quality of products available out there.
    While stores provide tons of variety, i find them to be very sparse, if at all, in providing any quality.

    I'm looking for nugs that don't gag me half to death, yet get me high. Is that too much to ask?
    Also I want to find a good tincture that works (i've tried five tincture brands from stores that
    have no effect whatsoever. I do not want edibles. I want to get high sometime before I die,
    and then after getting high, i don't want it to kill me after about 8 hours. So, smoking or taking
    a sublingual tincture seems to be the best way. However so far in the past 5 years, have I
    found much, if any, product that does the job. How about that? Ya wouldn't think, would ya?

    Anyhow, glad to be a member of your fine looking board here. And Happy New Year, all. :weed-4:
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  2. Belated welcome bud.

    Making your own tincture with a magical butter machine is easy. If you can grow your own all you'll need is everclear.

    Happy New Year to you as well.
  3. Well, thank you Buddy. Uh, well, hell, i dare not grow my own, illegal here. ANd then making a tincture would be out for me too, unless somehow (and I've been working hard on this for a year or longer now) I can decarb and make the extract without any odor. by without any odor that means NO SMELL AT ALL WHATSOEVER, NONE! I'm finding that it's practically impossible, to do so, btw. :( But thanks for the reply. Glad to be here.
  4. The magical butter comes with a decarb box which reduces smell immensely also is sold separately. However doesn't eliminate smell completely like youd need. Theres a thread on here about making tincture without decarbing however I think that takes quite a while.

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  5. You can decarb in a heat resistant jar with lid same temp and time may work for smell. May not be as strong but it'll do the job. Never tried it, so can't be to informative. Plenty of stuff to read on here tho. Good luck
  6. Well, see, I have no idea. NONE! I did the decarb last year with a nug in a jug,
    the jug (mason jar with tight lid) in a boil bag, and bag in the water for 60 mins
    at 200 degrees. Let it cool, took it outside, opened it, put it in 190 proof Everclear
    that had been in the freezer, shook it, stuck it back in the freezer and nothing. NULL.
    The only positive from that was that there was virtually NO SMELL at all. That's good.
    No smell, no high. No point. So i was led to believe, or i misunderestood that boiling
    product will not decarb it, due to the water never gets above boiling temp, aka, 212 degrees.
    Then i'm starting to hear that you CAN Sous Vide nugs to decarb. So, at this point, i
    am clueless. But It's a real conundrum for me. I'm doing a LOT of research, asking LOTS
    of questions and getting good, reliable and sincere answers to my questions, just like yours
    is. AND I THANK YOU for it, sir. But i'm still lost, completely lost.

    I've only tried to decarb
    one time, and made a tincture out of that extract ONCE, and I also made a tincture out of
    an extract I purchased, that was already pre-decarbed. But it too failed to provide any high.
    I'm trying, i'm trying. I have to resolve this question for myself somehow. But there just has
    to be a way to do this w/o smell, and with a potent high. I've really read a lot of very scientific
    articles and am even in touch with some of those scientists and authors, who are surprisingly
    taking the time to offer ideas.
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  8. Hey bro, thanks for both of those links. I'm looking at them now,
    and I see Sam passed away, sorry to hear that. :( Wow, he really
    writes clearly, fun to read and wow, informative too. Thanks again.
    I bookmarked them both. Oh yeah, nice TOC in Another Tinc Thread. :thankyou:
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