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  2. You should start with a story.
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  4. First gravity bong.. this was also my first time properly getting "stoned" went to my little smoking spot at break near my school with my friend (also his first gravity bong) and was sitting with a older friend when he asks me if I want a gravity bong? Fuck yeah my stupid self said and so he packs it with some pretty good hash and it goes milky as all shit. Cleared it somehow and choked my lungs of for good 5 minitues. Went to walk back to school with friend but walked right past it laughing my ass of realised I was too high when i realised I was looking at myself from a 3rd person view sometimes lol, asked my friend what we were doing and we just laughed for another 5 minutes he went home as he was way too high. I some how walked around the school and sat in canteen and library for 2 periods just stealing milk and muffins without getting caught :D
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  5. The best must be from this may at the global marijuana March the only time where you can smoke in front the cops. I left home around 12 met my buddy on the train. I build a bong carrying belt outta a shoelace. So I'm on the train with a bong hanging on my right side and a bottle hanging on the left.
    We get to the square it started at and proceed to take some hits while two motorcycle cops pass by. It's windy so we go into the nearby subway station to roll one. I'm going up the stairs smoking it past even more cops.

    Anyways more smoking my buddy suggests to take a picture with a joint and some cops but we decide against it.

    The March started and I hold up my bong shouting various things from. :"eat that shit pigs "at the cops to :"smoke weed if you're sick of being a random douche. There's still time to save your soul!" at people watching in horror or amusement I'm not sure.
    My arm started hurting but my comrades bowls and words of respect for my sacrifice made me continue. We marched through half of Dortmund at least so it felt. Shouting random things helped me carry it through. After an hour We get to the end of the March in a park. Even more people compliment me for what I did and give me free weed which was smoked immediately.
    I felt like the Jebus of stoners. I look like that to.

    That's it. Did I write a lot tell me again stoners are lazy.

    TLDR: smoked weed in front of and shouted insults at cops. And then lived through the passion of stoner jebus
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  7. Was staying with my grandparents and helping with my grandfather who was on dialysis.

    I was home alone and took a few off my winterized shatter vape and got a hot shower. Right after the shower they pulled up so I walked outside barefoot to help Pops out of the car and into the house.

    My grandmother was teasing me about my bare feet and asking me what Im doing outside with my tender barefeet.

    I responded,"Ill have you know that I just got a shower so my Indian name is Tender Clean Feet.

    They laughed their ass off and I couldnt stop laughing either...they had no idea I was high.

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  8. Got do high I was chilling with h a couple people and they went down by the beach . Do they and a few others went to the bay by the each by the bay. Mammnn that was the time when we got so high right down by the beach by the bay by the beach.
  9. Short N sweet. Tried to say "car towed," i said "tar cowed"
  10. When I was a young lad of 18, I had an apartment with a couple buddies of mine, and we would stay up all night smoking beer and drinking pot. :GettingStoned: We had a large closet that we turned into a 'Zen Room,' with a black light, some posters and bean bag chairs. Incense was burned there.

    One night we were all in there, smoking out, when we heard thumping and bumping going on out in the living room. We threw open the door to find a fat man in his underwear, trying to close our windows.

    'Who are you?' I demanded.

    Dude looked at me with blank eyes. 'Who am I? Who are you?'

    'We live here,' said Dave (one of my roommates.)

    'Oh, you live here, do you?' the strange dude said. He looked around and said 'Right.' Then tried to walk into the Zen Room, which happened to be the door next to the front door. I'll never forget the look on his face when he found our little hippy paradise, in a closet. :D

    I said, 'Here,' and showed him the door out. He left, still with blank eyes, and staggered down the stairs.

    We didn't know what to make of the strange dude who walked into our apartment. An hour later, we were looking out the window and saw him wandering up the alley...still in his underwear. It was January.

    He was either drunk or sleep walking. We were cross faded and confused.
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  11. Pull up a chair for this one.

    I was still a young fresh newbie to smoking. I was planning on smoking these 2grams of some dank blue dream with my girlfriend. I was looking for a spot to just smoke, listen to music, and chill out. Well low and behold I knew this one spot that was kinda isolated with no one able to see around. It was an underpass for trains and to be quite honest not a bad smoke spot and was close to a walking trail. Well we decide to smoke there and after we are finished high as kites we hear sounds of radios. Now we know there's something wrong because why the hell are we hearing radio chatter? Well turns out there's two park rangers on the opposite end of the underpass just waiting there exactly where we need to exit because it's the only exit. At this point we're shitting out pants because we don't want to get charged for trespassing on rail road property and possession. So we try to wait them out and we're getting worried because they're still not leaving. Well after a bit I start talking to myself and start saying "well damn im gonna take responsibility for this because they have to be waiting for us, I messed up and deserve what will come to me" and just as I get up to start making my way to the opposite side the park rangers up and decide to leave. It was like some karma type biblical feeling with the timing. I was so mind blown by the chances of that happening more amplified by the fact that I'm pretty stoned.
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  12. "we would stay up all night smoking beer and drinking pot."

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  13. I got some really good stuff from this place downtown. Came home, smoked it up with my depressed roommate, and then I started seeing all kinds of lights and shapes and Roman numerals popping up all over the walls and the ceiling. 'I don't know what any of this stuff means', is what I thought at the time. But I was wearing a monocle instead of my regular glasses at the time so I think my eye was playing some kind of trick on me. Only one eye was seeing clearly but the other was literally just projecting this Collective Unconscious Supreme Being stuff I think.

  14. Whatever you was smoking wasn't weed man :laughing:

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