No WMD's, no excuse

Discussion in 'General' started by KraziHare, May 15, 2003.


    I saw this and thought it was time to bring the subject to the city once again, only this time we have hindsight to guide our discussion.

    Of course I noticed that this particular article has a generally anti war spin but the facts it's based on are quite justified and bear an explaination from the US government.

    Read, discuss, conclude if you can.

    Don't try to tell me that it's not worth discussing though.
  2. knew it!!!
    just like in afganistan know why that was for? a gas pipe line! the taliban wouldn't let them put it in but the 'new' leader of the country would hmmmm, so did they really attack the u.s?
  3. Exactly, dr krapp.

    I've said the same damn thing since like late '01, when all the networks were running "specials" about afghanistan, and giving all these reasons why the Taliban needs to be toppled, about how they oppress their people and how evil they are, because hell, it's easy to bomb evil people right?

    What i don't understand is how America got so blind that it's people just follow and believe all this propaganda bullshit that's being force fed as we're all dumbed down by it as well. If you take an open eyed view at the people in this country you wll see that they're scared of not being patriotic, just like German people feared the SS, like the Russians feared the KGB, but america, we're different. We're such cushy cozy arrogant fucks that we have equal fear of stuff like being social outcasts, or being thought of by others as "terrorist sympathisers". No, America won't hunt you down for expressing your views, it don't work that way, it works on the level of the mind. If you're not socially acceptable, then you're worthless in america.

    the Food and drug administration:
    These are the people who put drugs in our food. Wake the fuck up America!

    Oh yeah, and meanwhile lil 'kim over in korea is screaming for attenton "hey, look at our shiny new nuclear warheads!!!" yet has anyone even heard concern being expressed over WMD's since this whole shizzle with iraq blew up?

    I guess we need to give korea time to give the US an excuse, maybe nuke hawaii and blame it on the korenas right? That'll get us good ole american rednecks (the only ones who vote in this country) all riled up to forget about bombing brown people and go give those slant eyed gooks an american ass kickin' right? Sorry, but unfortunately that's the way to do it if you really want to succeed in world dominaton by force.

    Fuck america, as soon as i find a way to do it i'm moving to Canada, just so i don't have it on my conscience that i paid taxes that helped murderers get richer.

    Okay, rant over.

  4. good fuckin rant toosicks.

    for years i was telling people about teh biggest ever mass murders ... uhh... genocide... uhh.. *digit gets out his political correctness phrasebook* biggest ever "ethnic cleansing" "opperations" in saudi arabia.. no one believed me because our governments hadnt told them to think that. ou governments we'rent thinking that because saudi (at least commercially) were in full co-operation. Sure america, sure UK, have all the oil you want, just let us get rid of all the people we dont like and let us keep our women like we do our pets and we'll get on just fine. We dont go to war out of some moral obligation... we only go to war for one type of war... commodity wars.

    i was disgusted by the cost of the war when it was happening, news reports showing footage of million dollar missiles shooting up into the sky, 6 at a time. i thought "do they realise that the money could be better spent on ensuring the poor of the world have enough CLEAN WATER!?" but now, i know, from various reports (including rather hushed ones on TV) about how much money all the contracts to rebuild iraq are going to make the US (UK being left in teh dark on that though... good move Tony... you dickhead), so i take it back... it wasnt all about oil. YES! YOU HEARD CORRECTLY PRO-WAR, RIGHT-WINGERS! I ADMIT IT WASNT ALL ABOUT OIL! ... It was about oil, building contracts, political power, ecconomic power and all the other things that Iraq needs to get itself back on its feet after their infrastructure was ripped all to shit by million dollar missiles (And the occasional cluster bomb which they swore they we'rent going to use... but you dont see that on the news).
    Now that we know that the US did this for its own ecconomic (and political) interests, can we look forward to a new era of helping the worlds poorest?

    can we fuck.

    power corrupts. Bush was already a corrupt powerfull fatcat when he got in power... just think how fucked up and ego-maniacal he is now after "liberating" two countries from their "evil" dictatorships ((anyone else thinking of that pot/kettle saying?)) leaving them in a state of social anarchy with a low level power vacuum and their cronies quietly sitting at the top.

    he probably sits masturbating infront of the mirror with an intern made to watch by his side as he yells "look how powerful i am, look at my power!"

    its a funny old world. :(

    4th line of sig works to great extremes in these perilous times.
  5. Yeah Digit, oil is only one aspect of it, there are many more, as you pointed out, contractors. It just happens that the largest contractor, and the contractor put in charge of "rebuilding" the oil production facilities is also pretty much run by the top dogs up on tha 'hill. Now that America can get it's hands on Iraqi oil, we don't need to be nice to Saudi Arabia anymore. Watch what happens, US pulls out of Saudi, builds a strong bit low visibility presence in the vast empty spaces in Iraq, installs a puppet government, and buys oil for 50% dscount, meanwhile telling OPEC otherwise. The fuel that gets dumped into a nation of SUV's (which, in this age of "envireonmental concern" get like 11mpg and add more sulfur dioxide to the air than any other vehicles built, yet are immune to emissions laws) still remains at $2 a gallon and "sombody's" pockets get signifcantly fatter.

    I wouldn't be surprised if all the WMD/CHEM/BIO "Search Teams" all of a sudden found a massive cache (but don't mention the fact that it was planted, and came from the US's stockpiles of WMD's) They just need time to bring the shit in and "search" for it.

    Too bad peace isn't as profitable as war.

    I'm sure there's a hell of a lot of other underground shit involved that a select few know, but one thing is for sure, the motivation is capitalist greed, disguized as threat of WMD and when nothing was found (remember when Colin was standing in front of Kofi & crew saying how the US had intel on WMD sites yet he couldn't produce anything substantial because of "sensitivity" of data?) they divert the public's attention to "the poor Iraqi peoples", who we didn't seem to give too much of a shit about EVER before.

  6. yep.. but no one has given it a chance yet. and no-one (the powermongers anyway) will until they stop seeing wealth entirely in terms of money. wealth can, and should, be measured if far more righteous lofty ways, than the size of a wallet.

    well said.

    all this "hearts & minds" style propaganda bullshit is really starting to piss me off. its a very powerfull method they employ. here, look at these tales of hope and triumph, please ignore the bigger picture, we're taking care of that. just look at this baby fighting for her life. PISSES ME OFF! anything to cover up the absolute butfucking we all just got.

    i dont know what pisses me of more about it. the way it almost makes me feel guilty for thinking beyond those peoples situations to the circumstances that created the situations in the first place... or ...the vast thousands of people in our countrys sitting infront of their propaganda tubes lapping it all up thinking what the're supposed to think reacting how the're supposed to react and not doing a fucking thing about any of it.
  7. Yeah, when the TV is the only portal to the outside world, your world view is limited to what those who control the airwaves. Pretty shitty.

    Annd what ya said about the masure of wealth, I hear ya, speakin' from personal experience. I made my first million (and most of my second million) before i was 18, and i've also been broke and homeless. I've had the money and i can tell you money don't make happiness. Money just causes more problems. the money i make now wouldn't pay most people's car payments alone, nevermind rent and bills and crap, but where i live i can live happy, stoned, and with all my bills paid for well uncer $1000 a month.

    I also manage this by boycotting the capitalists. If i can at all help it i don't buy anything new, i haven't been in a wal-mart in a year, i only drive to work, and i do that with a car that gets 40 mpg, i don't buy the products that most consume, the plastic wrapped, perservative filled crap that they disguise as nutrition, but is just an artifically tasty way to give us our dose of mind control drugs, genetic modifier proteins or whatever else they stick in the food. I don't eat fast food, and all of mt rent money goes to a property owner who is a true oldskool hippie, and has done the back to the earth, commune living thing most of her life, and still believes in the ideals.

    I live no closer than 100 miles from the nearest population center, have no cellphone, pager, hell i don't even own a microwave oven.

    But most importantly, in my daily life, i am one happy stoned trials ridin' mofo.

    I make an effort to be less of the cause of the problem, i just wish more people could see how muchy excess is in their lives and realize they can choose to participate minimally, but then again, "Fuck you, hippie, Fuck You and your ideals!" says the angry drunken redneck as he tries to run me over in his SUV, "This is America, you commie bastard!"
  8. I just want to say that I agree with most everything both TooSicks and Digit have said, but I also want to say that American society isn't the topic of this thread. I'll pop in in a bit with a nice rant against the government that so conveniently brushes once 'serious' topics aside as soon as they're useless (and sometimes contradictory to their own words). The worst has occured and I'm planning on doing anything I can to gain retribution for the lives that were destroyed in my name.
  9. what r u talkin about "ethnic cleansing" the u.s started the war cuz they want to be the sole super power

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