No weed satisfies me lately lol

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  1. I've smoked off and on for a decade, since I was 18. (During that decade, there were at least a few years of no herb at all.) However I have been smoking almost daily, for maybe 3 years currently...

    So the last few months I'm realizing that while I still enjoy herb of course, I'm really not getting a satisfied feeling most of the time. Yes my tolerance might just be shot right now, but I think it's something more.

    (If my tolerance is to blame, I haven't seen much difference after small breaks, like not smoking for 1 or 2 days; after that, the herb still doesn't satisfy me any more, that I can see.)

    It sounds weird but I swear it's because my favorite source vanished, who spoiled me with probably the best herb of my life. I haven't seen him for like 2 years, but his herb was the best: VERY tightly-packed nugs, real sticky, real minty, real strong, and covered with crystals... for $40 an eighth!

    Every source since him as disappointed me -- u know, their herb is weaker, less crystals, etc. but still same price or more. One current source has weed that's kinda weak & full of seeds (at $40). Another current source has seedless, covered with some crystals, but for $60 an eighth, it still doesn't get me blown... I got a new job so I was fucking around with synthetic blends; some are pretty good, but I'm not satisfied with synthetic either.

    I swear the only thing that would satisfy me is some of the best dank like I used to get a couple years ago... Even though after 2 years, you'd probably expect my body to forget all about it, and become satisfied with what's available...

    Well that's where I'm at. Currently it almost doesn't make much difference if I smoke or not, and I've been burning $$ on it way too fast, since I smoke a lot but don't get satisfied...
  2. If it doesn't make a difference then stop for a month and grab a bag of seedy regs, you'll see a bigtime difference. After a 1 month t-break I feel like a first timer again (I smoke daily for several months at a time and then end up taking a t-break between harvests for a week to a month).
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    ^Thanks, yeah that might be exactly what I need. lol I probably will take a long break, since smoking is barely doing anything for me lately.

    What I'd really love is to get some great dank like I used to enjoy a couple years ago; maybe I'm wrong, but I think it would satisfy me despite my tolerance prolly being jacked up too much....

    BTW if I lived in a state with MMJ I would get a card, just walk into a dispensary and get some of the strongest medicine they offer; it would all be so simple LOL
  4. Take a break, and during the break find a new dealer. Cannabis is a wonderful thing and should only be enjoyed when smoking quality.

  5. Good points, yeah my one new dealer should be good (with seedless at $60 an eighth, some crystals). It's better but still doesn't satisfy me though; maybe my tolerance is haywire, or maybe it's still not quite what I'm looking for....
  6. T-breaks are a stoners long lost friend.
  7. grow your own:smoke:

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