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  1. I need some help guys. I had to quit smoking about a month ago because I’m trying to get a new job. It’s been going great but lately I can’t sleep for sh*t and it’s really starting to get to me. I’ll get off work exhausted and go to sleep only to wake up 2-5 hours later. Either I don’t sleep or barely sleep. Any help to letme get a full nights rest?
  2. It will get better. How long have you seen smoking for? Maybe you developed insomnia and the weed was helping you? Try and get melatonin tablets. You can get them at the pharmacy without a prescription. Melatonin the the chemical that tells your body and brain that it's time to sleep. Try those.
  3. A 5th of Jack Daniels should to the trick.
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  4. I feel you homie
    All my thoughts are with you be strong !
  5. Funny enough I’ve tried getting hammered then passing out but I just can’t. I don’t know what’s up lmao
  6. Consistently 1-2 times a day for the last two years. I knew it was gonna happen just didn’t think it’d be this bad. I used to meditate to quiet my mind before sleep and I can’t seem to even get close to where I was with that sober. Not just sleep but when I stopped I starting losin progress with so many things that pot seemed to help me with
  7. During my breaks I only have trouble sleeping the first few days and after that I don't think about pot that often, mostly when I do think about it I'm thinking how easy it was to quit.
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  8. My breaks fucking suck personally lol.. I hate those "people" that claim "WEED DOESNT CAUSE ANY TYPE OF WITHDRAWAL BILLY" just because it doesn't happen to them or theyll be weekend tokers who don't even smoke daily... My issue is I don't just smoke for fun it's also my medicine so when I run out symptoms go into overdrive myself lol I wish I only had sleeping issues.
  9. Maybe a legal plant that can be smoked or made into a tea? Melatonin is also good you could also try something like Tylenol PM for a short while.

    Shit though I smoke everyday every hour or two... I'll blaze through 2-3+ grams a day.
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    Melatonin tablets, tart cherry juice (Tart cherry contains meatonin), hot showers before bed, get in a very good workout everyday (if possible and try doing within a about four to five hours before bed), reading around bedtime at least one hour and do not look long term at your phone or computer before bed, it's said the light of the screen can disrupt your sleep.
  11. Just jerk off.
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