No Weed No Cash

Discussion in 'General' started by Mickey.T, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. I have no weed, no cash, and I aint got a job...oooo what I would do for some weed, I'm sat here looking at all the weed pic's on the forum...hmmm man there some nice buds on there wish I had some....I have been on the city now for 5 hours i think i have read every post 5 times over lol HELP !

  2. :*~~~~~~ *blows smoke in your direction*
    hope you get some buds soon Mickey T!
    best of luck :)
  3. Hope ya can score soonBro, life without Herb sux!! :smoking:
  4. You know that sucks, Good luck on hookin up the herb =)

  5. i know the feeling. I've found the best is to buy in bulk. Buy a half\full Oz.and try to conserve (thats the catch). In the long run it costs less and lasts longer. I stopped buying dimes and twenties unless i'm in a real pinch.
  6. dude i'm out too, if i could help you i would, i'm always for helping people out.
  7. time to start scavanging
  8. I feel your pain Mickey, I smoked the last of my z last weekend. I did the scavenging thing, and did turn up a joint I had stashed away, but now I'm facing a smokeless weekend :(.
  9. this weekend is going to blow, well i get my ears pierced tommorow and maybe a icp shirt too if getting my ears done doesn't cost to much, its for my birthday from my mom. she wouldn't get me money because she knew i'd just buy weed, damnit i wish i just got the money.
  10. go visit your friends that's what i do when i run out i mean most of them help me smoke mine it's only right that they smoke w/ me when im out
  11. im almost out...I buy good BC bud by the ounce and sell half to break even, then either sell to make profit or smoke to the dome. But im down to two grams that I must sell in order to break even, and I can't get in contact with my dope startin to freak
  12. Bummer. I am out also but I have money and a hook up, I am just trying not to smoke for a day or two to build up my tolerance. Although I admit last night I scraped up a bowl from the seeds that I collect. Good luck!
  13. i wish i had friends that smoke, they all drink or do nothing. they know i smoke and there cool with it, but i dunno there not smokers. the only people i really have to smoke with is famliy, and there all poor or there asshole drunks... so when i'm out... i'm out.(all the friends i had from school that smoked ether moved or got sent away)

    oh and i got my ears pierced today, didn't get my shirt, but oh well.
  14. Man that sucks, there is nothing worse then havin bud and no one to share it with...

  15. what about something like connection corner,

    it would have to be a USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, type of thing
    if grasscity sponserd it they would need a disclaimer of some sort?? I would guess.

    we could PM each other to find someone in you'r area?

    I know it's dry around here, (midwest).
  16. What are you trying to say we set up a drug tunnel on grasscity ?


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