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No way

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Octus, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I got a q-tip stuck in my bowl and it wont come out
  2. tweezers lol. :laughing:
  3. How do I get it out?
  4. really?
  5. Suck on it as hard as you can.... don't forget a dental dam.
  6. lbs has it

    pinch it with tweezers dude

    if that doesn't work, dissolve it with HCl
  7. Use a vacum cleaner to pull a lighter flame into the bowl burning it out so you dont have to smoke it.

    edit-Worked for me and a toothpick.
  8. that sucks!!! tweezers i can only think of, pick it up little bits at a time and use a paper clip or something on the other end to help move the qtip piece
  9. actually dont pick little bits at a time just move it around with something thin and pop it out through the mouth piece
  10. How exactly is it stuck in there? Pic!
  11. LOL WTF is he doing having sex with it.
  12. dude that sucks, my friends had a bowl that had a toothpick stuck in it because there was so much resin lol, literally stuck for weeks along with a piece of lead. I forget how we got it out but I would just put it in a bag of salt and iso and shake that mofo
  13. Why'd you put a q-tip in your bowl?
  14. q tips have a plastic piece between the two swabs you cant just dissolve that without doing crazy shit that would make you be like might as well get a new one
  15. How did lead get near your bong?
  16. ^ he means a pencil lead.

    Try using another q-tip.

    Or a paper clip. Don't burn it out then you'll taste the cotton in your resin forever.
  17. #17 Octus, Nov 16, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 16, 2011
    My bowl has a dry ash catcher
    . ||
    {(0) <---- how it looks {=carb
    The q tip is stuck here

    {(0|) at the line in the bowl

    Up and down with the tip stuck at the top.(Broken q tip)
  18. lol omg i did this once cleaning out my bubbler trying to clean the downstem oh ya thats right i just did that 4 days ago i still never got it out .... well then good luck :D :smoke:

    weird thing is my friend wanted to get rid of his bong the day after my bubbler got a Q tip stuck in it he told me 20 bucks and its yours CASE and all ... my face was :eek::confused: then 30 mins later my face was :smoke::) and im glad i made that decision but anyway

    if i cared about my bubbler i would probably start burning the Q tip away in the downtube and let it become ashes then wash it out POOF :smoke: we got another piece
  19. ...that pic isn't a lot of help
  20. i understand the pic i'm pretty sure what you just need to do is manuver the q tip with something thin like a paper clip, maybe get it a little sticky to help it attach to the q tip and make it so it comes out the end that you inhale through

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