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No water

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by unoit, Mar 16, 2003.

  1. HIGH All, been without water for 2 days and it finaly came back on this morning but they say don't drink the water boil it first. Good thing were the prepared type...had to take our emergency (for the big one) water out of storeage and use that till it was gone and then had to go out and get this my friends BUY water!!!! First time for us...just think with All this water we have up here and we can't drink it. We had lots of buckets with rainwater in them and those went to feeding the girls. You just don't relize what you have untill something like this happens.
  2. Emegencys happen on a regular bassis around here. You never know when the smallest things will effect you the most.

    I do repairs on main lines for the water district near me. People have been taking showers and then the water is gone.

    Being prepared for all the little miss haps is good.

    2 Weeks ago a dump truck took out some power lines. Our power was out for over 18 hours. With the little one here, we have to have some back up heat and water and emergency stuff to keep on keeeping on..
  3. HIGH All, couldn't agree more Bud Head. What backup heat do you have when your power goes out? Ours is propane...the house is heated with (does sucking power sound) electric baseboard heaters but when the power goes out we hook up the propane and instant heat. I know you people in the far South have some wicked storms and are most likely prepared for the worst.
  4. I have propane heaters that I use in my shop. They are the small heaters that mount on top of the propane tank. I also have Kerosen heaters that I use if I don't forget to get

    I have well water so we store about 20 gals on hand in the freezer. All we have to do is melt it and away we go.

    I have wood that we make cook out fires with. If all else fails we have heat and cooking wood.

    I don't worry to much about the big one. The little ones that i'm prepared for will get me through most anything..
  5. damn sounds like yall are living in some 3rd world country or somethin. Just a good example how people take some things for granted, like water.
  6. Just busted the worst drought we've had in the time I've been on earth last summer. Local water supply almost completely gone. Once it busted though, all the fountains and yard sprinklers were back on at full force. Seems we're fated to be our own undoing sometimes. Only been over for about 6 months and everyone has already forgot what it was like!

    Old black man I used to know always used to say, "Never, ever cuss the rain! It might not come back!"

    Turns out, he was wiser than I ever thought.

    Imagine that.

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