no water in a bubbler

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  1. so i wanna smoke up in my room, but my parents room is rite above mine. i was wonderin if i could use a bubbler lik a pipe and not put water in it.
  2. how your house is arranged seems irrelevant, but yes you can use it that way, it'll just be a lot harsher.
  3. thanks will it be as harsh as a bowl or worse. and its relevant bc if it bubbles they will hear it.
  4. What would not putting water in have anything to do with your parents.
  5. if there is water in it it bubbles hense bubbler. if it bubbles it makes noise they will hear the noise and come down. if there is no water it will not bubble
  6. I highly doubt if you have on a tv or something that they will here a little bubbler.
  7. Ye foreal just put your tv on or blast some music.
  8. lol they will smell it before they hear it
  9. ok well wen i was makin the thread i thout hmm maybe i should say please answer my question and dont argue wit the details. then i was lik naah no ones gonna b a dick about it ill jus leave that out but i can see now i shoulda left it in thanks for ur input
  10. We did answer your question. They will not hear it.
  11. yea just turn on the tv or some music you will be fine man.
  12. the question was wether i could use it w/o water or not and is it gonna b as harsh as a bowl
  13. it will be very harsh i imagine. i would just use water and turn on the tv
  14. ok lets forget about noise for a minit ok never sed it. can u compare how harsh it is to a joint or bowl
  15. it will be just like smoking out of a dry pipe. so yes kinda harsh also depends on the kind of bud your burning
  16. it looks like your question was answered straight away so it seems YOU need to stop being a dick.
  17. yes ur rite im sorry i shoulda jus edited the thread and asked another question instead o doin it in a reply
  18. bubblers are like escalators. when escalators are broken, they become stairs. when bubblers have no water, they become bowls.
  19. haha thanks i didnt kno if it would b harsher cause of the wide throat
  20. It'll be a bit harsher, but only because you'll be taking in more smoke.

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