No war with Iran *Video*

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  1. [ame=""]YouTube- No War for Israel in Iran - Keep Americans Safe[/ame]
  2. Although i agree that going to war with Iran would be a horrible and downfall of America, I wouldn't necessarily blame the jews. I would personally blame the Neo-Conservative rich and wealthy elites, who a lot happen to be of christian faith.

    Just my personal opinion. :smoke:
  3. the us is in a tight situation here. im not pro israel, but i happen to live in a predomintantly jewish town and i kno alot of people who have family back home in israel. i feel like we shouldnt get involved in it, but at the same time theres alot of jewish people here who have a lot of power so we prob will.

    i really wish the people in the middle east could work this shit out, i definetley see it being WWIII over there sometime in the next 50 years
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    TBQFH, I hope we bomb the shit out of Iran.

    Every bridge. Every power plant. Every dam. Every radio tower. Every television tower. Every national monument. Every airport. Every hospital. Decapitation strikes on every leader from the national to the local level.

    Seize the oil fields (in Iran they are rather far away from most civilian centers), and return the country to the stone age.

    Except for taking the oil fields, no troops on the ground. The gasoline supply will be cut off, and vehicle movement will draw to a halt within a few days due to shortages.

    At that point just fly predator drones over all the major cities, and any vehicle seen moving gets hit with a hellfire missile.

    Problem of nuclear iran solved in less than 48 hours. Agree in advance to split oil with China and Russia, and no one complains.

    No rebuilding. No foreign aid. No reconstruction. Just level the entire key components of the country. Shouldn't take more than 3000 missiles along with some bombing runs.

    Burn the entire city of Tehran for good measure. Raze it to the ground. Then send in ground teamsto salt the ground like was done to Carthage, so that nothing will ever grow there again.
  5. WW3 can only take place if there is a country militarily capable of challening the US. That means having nuclear technology.

    To PREVENT ww3 we must demolish iran while there is still time, before they obtain nuclear weapons.

    It may seem draconian, but if the Germans had been smashed when they first moved troops into the Rhineland, WW2 would have been prevented.
  6. Well the Iranian president is a holocaust denier, perhaps this is why the Israelis are butthurt.
  7. David duke is a quintessential asshole, as well as a racist and an anti-Semite. There is a huge difference between Judaism and Zionism. Zionism is not Judaism and never was.

  8. this also.

  9. [​IMG]
  10. That's pretty fucking badass and sounds cool as shit, but I disagree 100 percent haha
  11. Although I mentally masterbated while reading that , I hope you're joking. That's horrible and senseless man. We just bomb their fucking nuclear facilities and make them our bitch:devious:

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