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  1. What is something that your partner could do, regardless of the unconditional love stuff, that would force you to leave him/her? What is something that you just could never handle as something that has happened in a relationship even if you have been together for years and honestly love each other equally?
  2. If she killed my plants =P
  3. Cheating.

    Fuck dat
  4. I would probably be able to forgive my GF for cheating if I truly loved her. then again i've never been cheated on so i wouldn't know.

    anyway, it would have to be something really crazy. like coming home one day with a neck tattoo or something.

    idk good question haha.
  5. Cheating for me, I would literally never trust someone again if they did anything with anyone else.
  6. cheating wont stop the love i have for my girlfriend, but in terms of continueing a healthy stable relationship? that wont happen anymore. obviously.
    i would probably still love her though and see her every other day or soemthing.

    it wouldnt be the same, but i wouldnt get mad at her for it. its understandable.

    its purely situational though.
  7. Definitely cheating. IMO that is the worst thing you can do in a relationship.
  8. Not so much as cheating cuz i understand how it feels when i see a cute ass chick lol but lying leaving me waiting all night wondering Wtf she's doin, is she ok, is she gonna come back, stressin. I Couldn't deal with that.
  9. After one too many lies I'd send him packin. Can't stand liars. I'd rather a painful truth over a well thought out lie anyday.
  10. Exactly a persons word is all you have in this world.
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    Fuck that. All we have is ourselves. Peoples word means very little. People will always sell you out for personal gain. Always.

    Cheating is the end of a relationship no doubt about
  12. cheating is fucked up. i also can't stand to be in an endless, unhealthy cycle. if i sense that coming on (usually because of strong differences and strong feelings mixed together), i end it
  13. Abuse. Either physical or emotional. Can't stand people who are on a huge power trip and think they have control over you.
  14. cheating, poop fetish.

    and trying to change someone... i mean a little is ok, but not total control over someones life.
  15. Cheating or abuse (physical and emotional). I just wouldn't be able to go back to the way things were if he cheated or if he started abusing me.
  16. Cheating
    Molesting children
    Killing my family members
    Raping anyone

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