No torch - can I use this instead?

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  1. My new oil rig arrived today but unfortunately my torch won't get here til tomorrow.

    I have a small PROF windproof torch lighter - would that work?

    It's the same as the pic.

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  2. probly work gunna take a long ass time to heat up tho n your gunna use up like all the fuel doing it id just wait till tomorrow man let the anticipation build
  3. What style of nail do you have?
  4. lol gonna take you like 10 minutes to get it hot enough
  5. It's a ti nail. I have a glass or quartz one too that came free. I'll have a go.
  6. is your kitchen stove gas?
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  7. i like where you are going with this
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  8. domeless? Or dome?

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  9. *three hours later* HEY GUYS I THINK IT HOT ENOUGHNOW quick take a dab
  10. Nope. Still not hot enough.
  11. Haha very funny. I never tried in the end.
  12. Go to ace hardware and get one of those click propane torches like this.
    I have one and fucking love it. The torches you get at a head shop are garbage and run out so quickly.

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  13. you can get a camping torch at walmart and last a very long time its 15 bucks roughly. when i dont have a torch and really dying to dab i use a stove top just set it on the metal and wait lol doesnt get as hot but will do the trick
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