NO tolerance and lovin it.

Discussion in 'General' started by RJToker, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. So i ahve been tokin' for about 2 years. the last half a year i have been doin it daily and i have absolutely NO tolerance built up! i can just take a couple of hits and be pretty blazed. i guess i am special or something! lol haha jk but for real all my buddies need way more. hahaha
    Oh yeah and i am 6 feet tall and about 155 lbs
    I love it! ( saves a lot of money too):hello:

    anyone else experience this?
  2. damn able to smoke waaaay too much lately.2 days ago i had 5 grams now i have nothing :p...well i do have 20 more bucks :hello:

  3. hahaha DAMN. quick tokin man. nothin wrong with that. :D haha dont get me wrong tho, when i smoke.... i SMOKE! hahaha
  4. I think you have a tolerence and just dont notice it, try not smoking for 2 weeks then tell me how high you get.
  5. lucky man i built up a tolerance but i didnt smoke for a few months and now i can smoke maybe .5 grams and get pretty high. i used to have to smoke 3 or 4 grams to get high so im pretty happy now. good on money. :hello:
  6. man i know. if i stop for 2 days i get ridiculously high. but i hear ya for sure. i am stoppin a month before my crop is done and ready to smoke! (MY 1st grow) its some dank. hahaha
  7. im hoping to get back to that
    tbreaks suck

    aside from saving money it just feels damn nice to no ull alwayshave enough
  8. welcome tot he family :D
  9. i feel you. i can go thru a gram in 2 weeks. im very conservative with my spliffies
  10. Bro, I don't know why exactly, but I'm like this too. I also started working out on a regular basis and that certainly will help keeping no tolerance. Last night I had 1 bowl and I was done man. It was really dank stuff too but like I've been smoking daily for almost 6 months and I get stoned off of very little. Sometimes when I eat a lot though I don't get as stoned (obviously):rolleyes:
  11. what, do you put a .1 in each joint?
  12. .1 wouldn't get the job done now would it
  13. I'm the same way, man. I've been smoking for many years, but have limited my smoking amount so that I can still feel .1 g. There's nothing like taking two hits of blueberry out of a vape and feeling stoned!

  14. well then how the fuck does one make a gram last 2 weeks while rolling joints?
  15. .15- .2g? I can't see 1 gram lasting that long with joints, for sure onies, small bowls, maybe the worlds smallest joints rolled pinners? :confused:

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