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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by DankDownUndaa, Aug 6, 2017.

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    No-Till Gardening: Revisited

    I'm interested in making this soil but am just feeling a bit unsure on what exactly to buy. I'm in Australia for anyone wondering, so I don't have access to the exact Compost that thread recommends.

    Other things I don't know is what grade pumice stone to buy, whether to buy neem oil or neem cake meal or neem seed meal?

    I seem to be having a lot of trouble finding Australian retailers that stock some of these amendments

    Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated! ✌
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    Is anyone at all able to help? I really need to start making the soil ASAP so that I can begin growing! :Love-Plant:
  3. You can make your own compost. And the other ingredients should be available online if you don't have a gardening or hydro store.
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    Unfortunately I don't have the time or space to make my own compost at the moment, also I live close to a lot of hydro and gardening stores, but they are lacking in organic products.

    Thanks for the second article helps to have 2 I can read on, I find they are leaving out a bit of the finer details like what grade aeration stones to use, I'm kind of new to all this.
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    I need an organic soil guide for dummies hahah:confused_2:
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    I google basalt rock and basalt dust in Australia and there's only a couple of wholesale vendors which look like they are selling it for construction applications. Can't seem to find any gardening shop or eBay sells any kind which is for growing, so I'll have to opt for something else there.
  8. Did you post your question in the no till soil thread?
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    Nah I didn't because I feel like some of my questions are way too simple for most the threads I find, which are mainly full of serious awesome growers discussing techniques with terminology I don't completely understand.
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    Thanks for your help though dude, much appreciated!!
  11. I would look for the pumice in 5mm - 10mm size. That's what I'd go for, but, you could certainly go up to 20-40mm with smaller sizes as well.

    Neem meal and neem cake are the same thing, and are food for the soil. Also help prevent baddies.

    Neem oil is good, as a foilar spray, helps prevent and kill baddies. But don't put the oil in your soil.

    If your looking for compost, go find a farmer, a nursery, a green house, or a cattle rancher. They should all be able to point you in the right direction.

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  12. Those should be fine. I haven't seen every ingredient in my local shops here. You should be able to get everything through Amazon and should be able to get the shipping for free if your order is big enough or an Amazon prime member.
  13. Just remember, building a soil and planting in it, isn't an overnight process. You need to let it cook for some time. If you are looking to grow now, buy a premade organic soil, pop your beans and build your soil. Get a grow in while your soil is being made and cooking. Good luck.
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  14. Do you mean up to 20-40mm grade pumice for smaller pot sizes? Also should I use a 2-4 gallon pot?

    I'm growing indoors doing 2-3 plants inside a 4x4x7 tent with a 315w Philips LEC. Planning to veg for 3-4 weeks and starting off with Blue Widow and Green Crack CBD.

    Thanks for the tips for getting the compost, I'll try my best to find a premium quality organic one.
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    I should have mentioned I'm still waiting for my seeds so I should have at least 4-5 weeks to let my soil cook if I get it mixed by the end of this week, I know it's better to cook it for even longer but I'm too excited to start growing :love-mj2:

    All of the premade organic soils I've seen have been super expensiv, as they're specifically targetted at cultivating weed and most people here will generally overpay for anything in Australia anyway.
    I haven't thought about looking for other companies that make premade organic soils aimed at growing more types of plants, the prices would be better but I'm not sure if it'd be as good as one of these recipes which I can just make myself.

    Cheers for the good luck though brother I'll pribs need it, once I've done 4-5 grows though I think I'll really get the hang of it!
    Thanks again for that other organic soil thread i've been reading through it more and it's definitely more directed at beginners than the one I started on.
  16. Oh. I thought that you were doing a larger grow. If you are only planning on running 2-3 plants right now, I would just buy soil for now. I use 7 gal fabric pots for my final pot. Some use 10+gal per plant and some 5 gal.
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  17. On a side note do either of you think that that bottled water can be better than tap water for plants?

    A family member of mine works at a bottle shop and I can get a 50% discount on a brand of water there called Pureau and I'm wondering if it'd have any added benefits even if only minor, this is the description for it: "Pureau is the only water that is 100% guaranteed to be completely free of chlorine, bacteria, fluoride, sodium and other impurities."

    I can get a 10L cask for $4 AUD so I'm not against buying some if it's worth using :)
  18. Ah okay sweet I'll probably go with a 5 gallon then :) I've already ordered my start soil which was just advertised as a premium starter soil on ebay, is it good to add anything more to this?

    I'll look for a premade organic soil from a farmer or something. There are a few companies that make "living super soil" but it's way too expensive through them

    Also this is a super noob question, but how long do you run your seedlings under a fluorescent lamp for before they're ready to go into a bigger pot and start veg?
  19. Honestly, depending on your tap water ph and present chemical composition. Buying water, may be fairly inexpensive, but by the end of the grow, it would have greatly increase the cost of the grow. Especially when they are drinking a few gal per week each. Look into an r/o filter.

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