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    I have been going back to coco salts after a few years of trying teas and bottled organic nutes with poor yields but now I think I will shift over to the no-till tech tech, pretty neat. I have also posted this in the No Til thread but thought it might get lost in the almost 500 pages of replies so posting again here.

    Perpetual No Til Bed Idea:

    I have an idea that Id like to try but first get some input from the more experienced. Ideally for my veg room I want to have a 10x12 tarp acting as a bed maybe 6-12" deep with a no till mix that is heavy in perlite to allow for easy removal of plants for transplanting, orginally was thinking 75% plus but after reading this thread, 50% maybe a better this recipe calls for 1:1:1 which 33% which I would use in flower. Perhaps may do 2 4x12s to make it easier to walk around.

    Ideally I would like I to veg is this no till bed for a couple weeks until the plant has a decent root system, then for transplant pull up around a foot or two of soil around the plant along with whatever roots come with it, and move the plant into a similar bed in the perpetual flower room. The heavy perlite mix should make removing the plant fairly easy and allow a good root system to come with as the perlite hold the roots very loosely, having grown in 100% perlite before you can pretty much lift the plant out of the pot with a bunch of roots and perlite hanging from it.

    The main reason I want to have big beds like this is my area is very dry and its hard to get the humidity over 50 and whole room humidifiers hardly make a dent so having a giant bed with fans blowing over it should help raise the humidity very nicely and get closer to a decent VPD figure I would expect but so would 20 gallon smart pots (have a pile of 20-60 gallons smarts sitting outside collecting millipedes).

    My questions are:

    Will this be sufficient root growth to throw a plant from the veg no till tarp directly into the flower no till tarp with no veg time in between? Will this just be a waste for this type of growing and I should just stick with 20+ gallon smart pots for each one? Thinking that maybe with the heavy perlite veg bed a good amount of roots could be brought with it into flower without doing to much transplant damage.

    Seems like plants dont grow very much roots once they start flowering, so aside from the added humidity maybe the perpetual beds would be a waste, aside from having a never ending notill bed which I would assume would keep a nice ecosystem going but perhaps never give the plants a chance to fully utilize it. I have read people doing similar but doesnt seem like a very popular method, maybe for good reason.

    Another idea is forgetting the no til bed in the veg room and just doing 3-5 gallon no till smart pots and then transplanting those into the flower bed.

    OMG those giant blocks of text are already giving me a headache better stop there before i make this anymore of a TLDNR.

    Any and all input is very much appreciated.
  2. I would think transplanting from smaller pots to a larger bed as most do would be much easier with less chance of shock to the plants. Make yourself a sip tray and use 1-2 gallon fabric pots. Make or use a cover for your tray and cut out holes the size of the fabric pots to reduce evaporation.

    I've read blumats are also the thing now.
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  3. Yes that does seem much easier, originally I had envisioned an all perlite bed which would make transplanting a breeze then started figuring out how to incorporate organics which led me to No-Till.

    I am fond of drippers for individual pots, but yes anything bigger than 2 gallons is pain to transplant, pretty much have to half kill the plant to get some of them out.

    Still leaves the problem of figuring out if a perpetual no-till is even worth it. Maybe good to try a 4x12 with a small 3x3 tray in veg and test a couple different methods.

    Thank you!
  4. with no till you really want to veg and flower in the same pot. why not veg and flower in the same bed?
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  5. This would be cool. I think I have veered away from the idea so I wouldnt have to split my rooms up and I like the beneficial lighting synchronicity much better from a 10x20 room vs two smaller 10x10s. The 10x20 has 2 ends that get poor lighting while two 10x10s would have 4, or maybe even 8 =X

    I suppose I could break my 20x24 into two 10x24 and be running 3 10x24 but I have been doing weekly perpetual so long its hard to change over, but would probably make my life alot easier lol, but again you pretty much need at least a 20x20 to run vertical bulbs else its hardly worth it so Idk, maybe 20 gallon smarties is the best solution if I want to keep running weekly perpetual, which I am not sure why I do lol
  6. that's a lot of space, are you growing commercially?
    in any case, personally id make sure i have good lighting all around everywhere and just veg and flower in the same bed. make the separations if you need, in the long run you will be saving a lot of time and effort by not having to transplant.
    you can still do perpetual if thats what you want, just stagger the timing on the beds to fit your needs.
  7. My last 4 crops have been from my home made soil mix, using 50% of the old soil and only water from seeds to harvest, very easy, cheap with top results, i can tell what you need at every stage

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