No-Till Mulch + Blumats + Worm Casting Topdress = Difficult to Manage?

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  1. Hey guys I have some questions about using Blumats and vermicompost in relation to the mulch layers in no-till.

    1) How do you chop down thick bushy cover crop without accidentally cutting a blumat line?? I let my cover crop grow pretty thick before chopping it down and sometimes it is very hard to see the blumat lines in all the cover crop and there have been several times where I accidentally cut a blumat line and had to immediately replace the line with extra line i have laying around.

    2) Can I topdress worm castings ON TOP of the mulch layer? I read that worm castings need to be kept moist in order for the biology inside of it to be kept alive, otherwise, the worm castings are pretty much useless when dried up? If i topdress vermicompost ON TOP of the mulch the worm castings will dry out in the sun as i am outdoor. Do i really need to lift my mulch layer to top dress worm castings to make sure the worm castings stay moist? It would be a pain in the ass because i have blumat carrots and 4 drippers in each pot along with the mulch. Remove all blumat drippers and mulch to topdress??
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  2. One of the reasons I dont like live mulch. What about just cutting it higher so its not near the blumat lines on the soil?

    Castings: I think its better to lift the mulch and dress. Personaly I just throw a few worms in each pot and let them make the castings top dress for me from the decaying mulch.
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  3. I lift the mulch and then topdress. Pain in the butt with rice hulls for mulch! :)

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  4. I top dress castings on top of some kinds of mulch (bark or rice hulls or cover crop), then water it in. The castings move down thru the mulch pretty quickly. It wouldn't work quite right with bluemats alone.
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  5. Depending on the mulch a lot of EWC on the top usually attracts gnats. I usually try to water it in or throw a light layer of mulch (pine bark/straw) on top of the castings to keep in covered.

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