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  1. Hey guys I've got some questions and I can't seem to find a straight answer. I want to start a no till living organic I want 2 15-20 gallon smart pots. My first question I plan to add ewc(1/3), a good local compost(1/3), and my existing soil (1/3),. I plan to add kelp, alfalfa meal, bone and blood meal, azomite, bokashi, and inset frass, some red worm wiggilers, alskan humus, and cover crop plus a straw mulch.
    Would this recipe be sufficient to support a living soil? Also when it comes to watering I've gotten pretty good with aact.
    Do I make simple teas and feed once a week?
    Also do I need to let this recipe cook for. amount of time before planting in it?
    Am I missing any main ingredients?
  2. no aeration or base (peat) components? u will run into trouble real fast with a mix like that!

    if you want to go no-till i would follow a tried and true recipe, check this thread out:
    No-Till Gardening: Revisited

    it also includes a watering guideline. you can also find all the recipes and info in my notes compilation for reference (check for the link in my signature)
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  3. Yeah that would compact without any aeration be hard to water regular basis and hard for roots and microbes to breath.
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  4. Also grab some basalt dust
  5. Azomite isn't even comparable to basalt
  6. My existing soil has about 40% perlite I plan to mix 1:3 of of this with my old organic soil. Would that be OK or do I need more airation
  7. I have about 10 or so amendments already, I have kelp meal, alfalfa meal, bone meal, blood meal, soft rock phosphate( but it's bigger chunks), dolomite lime, azomite, fish meal, epson salts, and I also have 3 guanos Jamaican Indonesian and mexican. I'm trying to not have to buy to much more stuff so I'm only buying the basics to add with what I have.
  8. I plan to buy already, red worms, Alaskan humus, more compost and ewc, bokashi, insect frass, cover crop, gypsum, peat moss and barley straw for top dress. Is there anything else that's a must! On top of everything else I already have.
  9. at least 1/3 of your mix should be aeration so thats what you need to figure out if you're going to use your old soil.
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  10. If you go by the above link it's pretty simple plus you don't need to add all them amendments and guanos. Read the first 20 pages of the no till revisited version and you can get a better idea. I'm just starting out with no-till so I'm still reading. But there is great information on there!
    Good Luck

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  11. Yeah I'm on page 4 or 5 the talking about chuck the moderator and your discussion with someone about watering.
  12. It's a Proven Method @Greenthumbs119 both ScOOby and Jay-R are very knowledgeable and you'll see them throughout the revisited version. I just started 2.5 cubic feet about 7 weeks ago. I put it in a 15g smart pot for a one plant ScrOG in a 4x4. Once I got all the ingredients and It took me an hour and a half to make but I mix the shit out of it really good and made sure it was nice and moist. I just had to grind malted barley and basalt to a fine powder in a blender or coffee grinder. I used they exact recipe to a T. I just added 10 red worms to my pot for more Ewc which is Black Gold! I need a worm farm I'm just going to buy a 360 that they have for $69 on sale. Then I'll start Vermicomposting. I'm just getting my top soil ready so I could get going on this Grow. And I'm going to make one more batch about 3 ft.³ on Saturday or Sunday, Plus I think I have about 5 gallons left over.
    Good Luck there's a lot of knowledge and Expert Growers on that revisited version.

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  13. Kelp Neam Crab... All you need
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  14. Any good youtube chanels need to watch I enjoy watching them
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  15. Tricky d is good also look into tad Hussey and his podcasts I highly recommend them
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