No till/knf tea recipe for bloom??

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  1. I'm a complete noob on notill/knf my plants got through veg pretty good just seeing if I can kick bloom into gear with some natural inputs. Any suggestions are appreciated

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  2. Just follow the watering instructions on the first page of the no till thread
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  3. If its no till its the same as veg because you are feeding the soil not the plant! If you have a well built soil then everything is already there the plant will use it when it wants it. Hope this helps.
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  4. Did you read the no-till revisited thread? If not, then do. Tons of info and you can stop after the first 300 pages...but you won't. It's addictive. This is what I do before flower, which has been at transplant. I take 2 cups kelp, 1/2 cup crustacean meal, 1 TBS alfalfa meal, 1TBS egg shell powder and grind it to powder. Sprinkle on top and scratch in soil. It's what I've been trying it's not in the thread. Good luck.

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  5. fermented fruit extract is your best pal for foliar sprays. Mostly a potassium supplement. Phosphorus is difficult to absorb through foliar. So, a normal compost tea would best applied as soil drench to get a well rounded NPK that includes you water soluble phosphorus.
  6. Fermented fruit extract sounds like a lot of work. Could I just spray my plants with hard cider instead?

    What's the difference?
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  7. Hard cider has alcohol. Thats a yeast based fermentation. The alcohol could damage leaves. Agricultural ferments use lactobacillus and purple sulfur bacteria to ferment your solids or liquids. Have you read up on EM1 or lactoserum? you can buy a concentrate called em1 that can be used to make a large quantity of more EM. Or make lactoserum which is pretty dang close to activated em1. in either case you need to ferment fruits after obtaining this either of these culture bodies/solutions.

    If you want a cheap, out of the bottle, product that actually works. Pick up a bottle of kombucha from your local grocery store. Fruit flavored would be best as a K booster. Ive used this and it does work. Just pour the contents in a spray bottle and lather your foliage.

    Lactobacillus Serum

    Bloom Fertilizer

  8. Just made a Banana FFJ today for bloom.
    Proteins in bananas contain potent hormones and vitamins that boost essential oil production in plants. Once the proteins are isolated in banana what is left are potent hormones and vitamins that boost essential oil production in plants. Essential oils are what give flavor to herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Hormones, and Enzymes, Banana stimulates the production of essential oils, which gives plants better, stronger, more distinctive flavors.
    • Potassium. This mineral helps promote general plant vigour; build up resistance to pest and disease; is necessary to help fruit develop; is involved in regulating around 50 enzymes in a plant; and relates to the turgor (or uprightness of stems and the thickness of cell walls) i.e. plant strength! This is extremely important for plants like staghorns which literally hang onto tree trunks in nature and vertical vegies like shallots, leeks and fruiting crops.
    • Phosphorus. This mineral strongly influences fruiting and flowering; is essential for good root and shoot growth; pollination; and is very important in seed germination and viability.
    • Calcium. The most important mineral in the soil and known as the ‘Trucker of all minerals.’ Calcium is the ‘ingredient’ of cell walls concerned with root development and growing stem points. It also helps ‘open up’ soil to allow more oxygen.

    With such important roles to play, these macro nutrients are vital for plant health and wellbeing.

    Freedom in Sustainable Gardening
    Freedom in Sustainable Gardening
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