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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Under Hill, Apr 28, 2014.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm an indoor no till gardener utilizing large smart pots. As the thread develops I'll elaborate on my setup, which is quite simple in theory and practice.

    Let's talk soil :)

    Hopefully I figured out the picture posting ok, I like seeing the full size pictures embedded in the post.

    Just flipped the lights in here


    Around 6 weeks flowering
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  2. Oh my, that looks amazing. Looking forward to hearing about your practices, because the results made my pants tight.
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  3. Nice work man. Pretty plants!
  4. Subbed cant wait for this:D

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  5. Lawdy lawd you gonna have a big honkin ass harvest!
  6. Subbed!
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    Thanks guys!

    The plants pictured are all in multicycle notills ranging from a few cycles to 11 or 12. Either 45gal smarties or 20gal. It was quite enlightening (especially when looking through the eyes of industry standards) seeing a mass of the same undisturbed soil produce crop after crop after crop with only minimal physical inputs - mulch - that consisted of very thin layer of EWC after each harvest and continual mulching of cannabis prunings and post harvest leftover leaf and stem.

    My notills start with a thin layer of lava rock at the bottom. The soil is:

    Mostly equal parts:

    Sphagnum peat moss
    High quality amended compost
    Lava rock

    If possible compost is homemade with massive amounts of comfrey, nettles, yarrow, alfalfa hay and lots of nutrient rich botanicals - with horse or dairy cow poo. If not a high quality bagged compost such as malibus that is available in my area.

    The finished compost I will pre-amend in a large smart pot and let it sit (with lots of worms) until ready to use.

    I add per cuF of compost:

    1 cup neem/karanja seed meal
    1 cup kelp
    1 cup crab shell meal
    4 or 5 cups (glacial) rock dust
    1/2 cup gypsum
    1/2 cup bentonite


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  8. Sorry, pictures were not sideways until I posted em. :/
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  9. Heya BlueJay,
    Welcome to Grasscity...........glad you found your way here and hope you feel at home. We have a great crew here and I'm sure you recognize several of the names from other haunts. Huge props on your garden and thanks for sharing.
    All the best,
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  10. How's it going Blue! Nice set up and beautiful garden. I put some perlite (what I had) in the bottom of some hard pots and they seem to be doing better then the ones I didn't. I didn't think the smart pots would need that and I just got a smart pot. Why do you put the lava in first if you don't mind me asking?
  11. Subbed up, we also have a Post Your Organic Nugshots thread that would be right up your alley man.

    What's up with you LOS guys posting journals in the questions section ;)

    Glad to have ya

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  12. Thanks for the welcome Chunk!

    Gardner - It started as a buffer between the cold basement concrete floor (wintertime) and the roots. Now it's just habit, plus I like having a layer of rock for soil life to pull from.... I dunno, replicating shallow bedrock naturally found in my area? I say it's habit now because I did a couple with no rock on the bottom and there is zero zilch nada difference with rock or no rock on the bottom.

    BulbaStoned - LOL maybe it goes back to IC, everything organic in the organic forum. I never even thought about it nor looked at other sub forums. Went straight here to organics for organic gardening and hadn't really planned to look elsewhere.
  13. Good to know. Thanks!!
  14. I don't blame you, I sometimes forget the other sections around here and when I do I wish I hadn't.

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  15. Another lover of 1cup neem per cf.

    Good to have ya here Blue.
  16. Neem for pest resistance and plant nutrition - arguably the best thing going on in the garden.....kelp a very very close second.

    Howdy Ficky
  17. We are totally on the same page. I've been preaching that mantra for a while. A fellow blade IRL swears by that amount of neem for his PM issues. Systemic defense FTW.
  18. My response in the foliar thread would be a perfect addition to the topic and importance of neem and it's relation to SARs
  19. My watering schedule is really nothing anyone hasn't see around here but it is pretty specific and I don't mess around with trying to feed this or that at this or that time in the plants life to hopefully obtain a specific response - I do the same thing every week for every plant at every stage of their lives. The plants utilize what it needs when it needs it and if not the soil and it's life is always benefiting from it anyways.

    I alternate these two applications with plain water so it comes out to about once per week of each:

    Puréed sprouts (about one to two cups seed sprouted, puréed and diluted to 15-20 gal water)
    10ml fulpower fulvic acid
    5ml agsil (equal to protekt)


    1/4 cup fresh young coconut water per gal
    1/4 tsp 200x organic aloe powder
    5ml agsil
    Biweekly I add 1/2 tsp TM7 per 5 gal with this application

    I water every two days and alternate plain water in between.

    Every 4 to 6 weeks I will make a neem/kelp tea for IPM and plant nutrition.

    That's it!

    At 4 weeks

    At about 5 weeks
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