No-Till Gardening: Revisited

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  1. I actually like the idea of just pushin 1" pvc in the pot,using a 4 way just above soil level and another up top.

    Not sure what FN is but I'll look that up,prolly some nylon or plastic?
    I use silica each weekend,one with the MBP then the other with the Kelp/Neem then again with FF with Neem oil.
    Thank you for the ideas!
    I appreciate any and all advice!
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  2. Brix lvl’s :) I took Harley Smith’s master growers short course about a year and half ago when I was still doing hydro. Loved his approach to spoon feeding plants. But hydro is a constant battle to learn a plants special needs IMO. Especially if you have multiple strains. I was only able to get the brix in my plants to around a fuzzy 14 before I switched to no-till. Even Harley Smith says the way of the future will be farming with specific microbes and fungi. I still have the whole NPK line up minus the two newest products. Every once in a while I will still use a tiny amount of there AminoA. Point being I haven’t tried to get the brix up on my notill yet. But like the article/ Harley says getting the potassium to nitrate ratio higher is normally the first way to increase your brix lvl. That being said bio char (maybe high in K) and everything else that is put into the soil we have already amended “thanks to Blue jay, Coot and this forum” should produce a high brix plant already. Especially if you are using fulvic acid In the watering schedule. The only thing I can think of that might raise the K lvl would be to add some wood ash. But I am technically a noob to organic growing. Plus I have just read that it may affect the ph of the soil if you use too much. So use at your own risk if anyone wants to try it. I just may have to dig out my brix meter and see what my plants are at on my next run.
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  3. Seems like a good idea. I will probably get one eventually
  4. T
    If you and or RD have any pix that would be great!
    I assume you asked about silica because it would strengthen the plants?
    I have noticed my older stems are like steel,I'm not kidding.
    Gonna add the four 4 ways and frame today,I'll wait to add the upper after the veg and stretching.
  5. I just transplanted my last two into my 200,didn't have any real goodies for the root hole so I sprinkled some BU's compost and a little kelp.
    I'm going to grab some sun shade cloth for the newbies so their roots can do their work.

    Learning how light can affect a plants root growth,new clones as well as new transplants need reduced light so roots can establish themselves.
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  6. I'm such the tool!

    4 way,Good luck!

    Went to 4 and called 3 others,finally found it in 1.25" with 1" bushings@$9 each corner.

    Actually was relieved to find that,now I need to drive to grab um.

    Yea I know,I can use 90's and T's but this painted will look sharp enough to pass the sniff test by the wife!

    Love the Funky net,and colors too!
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  7. I just picked up a Brix meter from the bay.
    Only bad thing was it said I was at a 10.
    Made some amendments and time to recalibrate and Brix test it again.
  8. anything 12 and over is considered high brix, I think. 10 ain't bad though? Like others said it looks like it has to do with the potassium : nitrate ratio
  9. That’s about what mine were on average 9-11 when doing hydro and no added supplements. I’m not sure what the highest brix reading a Cannabis plant can have. But the highest I remember reading about on forums was like 24 I believe. I’m sure it would have to be very healthy plant for a reading like that if it’s even possible! Perfect environment, thick stocks, shiny leaves and praying to the lights like no other. Im sure brix percentages will change with different strains too. Just like say grapes would. I know 12% and above will discourage leaf biting insects. Readings will fluctuate depending on the time of the day and what part of the plant you take it off of too. I would test it within the first couple hours of the lights turning on for your best readings if I remember right. Also pick a nice big healthy leaf some where near the top. Don’t do it too much though or you will take off all of your big fan leaves. :love-mj2:
  10. Here is a good read about brix I just found in a different thread. It says “ Typical mid-day brix fluctuating between 12 and 16 for cannabis is a good number to shoot for“ Brix = A healthy plant
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    Amazon for the 4-ways for those of you playing along at home. They are common in the PVC furniture. You won’t find them at Home Depot.
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  12. I’m interested in there living soil beds. I’m kinda stuck in between the 4x4 living soil bed with blumat’s or SIP pots/ containers.
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  13. I'm a stubborn old fool,wanted the sch40 rated today,settled for "furniture grade" instead.

    Thanx for the link,those are all over the net for just over $1
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  14. Hey Fisky! I didn't know where to get the four ways, so this is what I have done in the past. You could net the sides as well if you wanted.


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  15. Hey just my two cents here. For outdoors I would probably wrap the smart pot with some fencing. 4" or 6" squares. Bailing wire could then be strung across to make a horizontal screen or support. Sometimes 2 or 3 vertical fencing pieces are needed if a plant is big enough.

    PVC supports that are simply pushed into the soil will eventually be pushed upwards by the plant. The supports will need to be attached to the plastic pallet under your smart pot.
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    My original plan as I stated was 12" concrete wire wrapping the soft pot and hose clamped tight.

    But after 4 hours and about $70 the pvc is painted and installed,the 1" into the soil is 24" deep setting on the bottom so it won't be going anywhere.

    It's all pushed together which is nice to remove or alter,I can add self tapping stainless screws if things loosen at all.
    After slipping/tapping it together I then painted it the color of the pot(Tan),so if any joints start to slip I will see the white pvc easily and pin the joints with the screws.

    Great idea though,it was my first thought.
    Mechanical minds think alike!
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  17. Well I made up my mind today when I was looking at Grassroots website and found there Moisturelock/ living soil bed and pots. With my experience with the 15 and 20 gal smart pots I figured it was a great idea. Because the outer part of the pot always seems to dry out too much for me. My rooms run pretty dry. I’m sure my plants and microbiology will agree with my choice. Anyone using these yet? I can’t wait to try them! Even the wife knew something was up when she saw me. Just goes to show I love to grow I guess.
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  18. The shipping almost stopped me from getting it. The 4x4 living soil bed with the trellis fittings is like $67+ and shipping was going to be $55+. But they/ she called me back later again and found an alternate shipping method for $24+. Which isn’t bad for shipping to Alaska.
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  19. Nice man! I’m about to get a few of their 4x8 living soil beds, just figuring out how to utilize the old panda lined beds as trays on casters so they’re a lil mobile still.
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    I never heard of these moisturelock living soil pots till I saw this post..
    I’ve had been having a problem with my 15 gallon airport drying around the outside edges.
    About 6 months ago I grabbed some black plastic garden sheeting I found in the shed.
    I wrapped that plastic around the airport, then useing binder clips, to hold the plastic along the top edge
    Bungeed corded Around the airport at the bottom to hold the plastic sheeting down.
    Just so happened the peice of plastic was a little short and left a 2-3 inch gap at the bottom of the pot.
    Problem solved!!
    And I didn’t know that gap at the bottom is actually beneficial !!
    Learn some thang new every day.
    And added bonus:
    Flip up the arms of the binder clips and ya got a handy tie off place for LST!!!
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