No-Till Gardening: Revisited

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  1. cool thanks I'm using a more basic version but it has most of those incredients
  2. If i start my no till outside for the summer can i bring it in for the winter to be used in a grow tent?
  3. Every predator has different needs to complete it’s lifecycle, like Lady bugs need a sugar source to help promote breeding and egg laying, so I spray molasses when I release and they go crazy. [​IMG]

    Mostly, generally, all predators prefer lower temps, should check for each one but I try to keep my room cooler for them. Had pretty good success with keeping lady bugs alive this round. Prolly has to do with the switch to 200gals too. More soil and life going on in there for sure. Lol
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  4. That lava rock is perfect. As for the biochar if its not "precharged" I just mixed it 1:1 with compost, make sure its moist and and let it sit for week, should take care of it.

    I dont see why not.

  5. Who do you prefer to order your predators from?
  6. I’m well on my way into the 2nd cycle in theses pots. The big mutant up front is another Pheno Glukie breath......Really slow in veg, but worth the wait. Then front right is cinderella 99 from peekseeds. Back right is Sweet Skunk from peek and then back left is a different Pheno of the Cindy 99. Hope one of them is the pineapple Pheno I’ve heard about.
  7. @USSChallenger
    I have plans to use a pond liner ina new cab Build I’m putting together.
    I’m useing 15 gallon smart pots now
    How are the pond liners working for you???
    I’m thinking there may be a watering frequency change due to less evaporation???
    Thanks for any infoo
  8. Been having good results with Amazon. All the bugs come alive and thriving.

    For Two Spotted Mites
    Koppert Biological Systems SPIDEX - Phytoseiulus Persimilis 4,000 live adult predatory mites

    1500 Live Ladybugs - Guaranteed Live Delivery!

    50,000 Live Neoseiulus Amblyseius Cucumeris - Guaranteed Live Delivery!
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  9. Do not
    Do not use the Vigoro brand of lava rock. It's been known to be made of dyed concrete at times. It's also a lil too big. Look for 1 1/2" minus lava rock. The Lowe's brand in my area works well.
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  10. Do not

    Rice hulls will breakdown in your soil and are a poor choice for long term aeration.

    When you say you added "coop poop" to your mix do you mean fresh chicken manure? If so you have greatly increased the chance of creating a soil mix that is too hot. I topdress a cubic foot bag of Stutzman Farms Chicken manure in my 500g raised beds occasionally and it's enough to burn a few tips.
    I'm also curious what the difference between scoria and lava rock is and why scoria is better?
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  11. Hey brother, you should check out Evergreen Growers Supply. The prices are almost half of what they are on Amazon. 15% off the month of July too, just look for the promo code on IG. Very impressed with this company and the customer service!
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  12. I second EGS - got tobacco bud worm moth phermones traps from them. Pleased with the price and results.

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  13. You Cali guys sure get some interesting critters down there! Lol
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  14. Correct, rice hulls breakdown overtime, but in their breakdown, they turn into humus which has added benefit to the soil. If you look at my mix a little closer there is actually 43% airation. Now, even if the rice hulls turned into 0% drainage humus, I would still have 31% airation in the Long haul.

    As for the "coop poop", that is the name of the product
    (Coop Poop Garden Food)
    That could have been another mistake but, eh, I'm still learning. Though with over a month to cook, I am not too worried about burning.

    Lastely, the scoria, which is literally lava rocks. In my experience scoria seems to come in a little smaller chuncks and is a bit cheaper by volume.
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  15. th
    Thanks i plan to start a no till in 2 week i have 5 plant growing in a super soil outside rn that i made a year ago they aren't doing great so i figured ill try this method instead
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  16. Thanks man!
  17. Just remember the most important part of the mix is the quality of your humus (compost/castings) component.
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  18. I wanted to order from them but the shipping was $40.00 by Southern California. I might end up going with Live Ladybugs and other Beneficial Insects to control Pest Insects they are located one county over and overnight shipping is just 13.50.

    What I don't like is that I can't get the slow release satchet of mites (cucumeris, andersoni, and swirskii) individually like you can at Evergreen.
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  19. I searched long and hard for those traps, fueled by pure hate. These attract the males and they get caught on the sticky card... cock-block ftw
    Those moths lay eggs on the most fragrant top buds, the emerging 'budworms' are the worst weed pest I know of. The worst is when they eat at the base of a cola and the whole thing is trashed.
    Using BT and now these traps have my defenses up pretty well.
    BTW, Cal state Ag Department lists BT as approved for cannabis pesticide use in California...yay

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  20. Looks like I’ll be placing a order here soon thanks for all the help prepper
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