No-Till Gardening: Revisited

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    I sure can man, and congratulations on the victory in Canada! I've actually grown it once already....unfortunately it was my very first auto grow and I started it in a peat pod then into a solo cup and fucked up on transplanting into a final pot... it grew still just really short and fat. Had a lemon beefy smell and I had a shot load of damn fungus gnats that round fooking sucked. I got a pic somewhere if I can dig it up I will. Happy camping man cheers!
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  2. 20170729_092223.jpg 20170819_164100.jpg 20170831_082701.jpg 20170901_180628.jpg sour livers last August harvested
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  3. What’s a good amount of time to steep neem/kelp tea? Is it better to bubble it? If so what’s the logic behind providing oxygen (are there microbes in neem or kelp)?
  4. I go 12, there’s not microbes in either, but they do feed them, as well as prevent a number of “bad” things. Kelp is full of minerals, and neem is good for bad bugs and pm..

    The true test: my first no-till.
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  5. Microbes are everywhere. Mushroom growers go to great lengths to achieve sterile environments. By the time your tap fills a drinking glass it will contain some microbial life from the air.
    I wait 24-72hrs when making a neem/kelp or alfalfa/kelp tea. I don't always aerate this kind of tea. I'm also not purposefully
    try to reproduce microbially life. I make them in the interest of supplying nutrients in a hurry. Or just for shits and giggles.
    Aeration is to either reproduce aerobic microbial life or simply to facilitate getting the neem/kelp into solution quicker than just letting it steep.
    Check out Tim Wilson aka Microbeman. Think his site is This one is all about AACT. Forget the name of the newer site he has.
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  6. Thanks. I’ve done AACTs and get why it’s important to aerate it but it didn’t make sense to me why it might be done for neem/kelp. Glad that aeration is not necessary so that I can spare myself the cleanup and the noise from a loud pump.
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  7. Hello No-Till Nation!

    I am working on sourcing the supplies for my upcoming No-Till soil. I recently found a company that sells bio-char close to me (not sure if I can link...still new to this), but they have 4 options of sizes:

    Chip (1" to 3mm), Medium (3mm to 26 mesh), Small (26 mesh to 50 mesh), Powder (50 mesh and under)
    They get more expensive per cu.ft. the finer it gets.

    What do you think would be best for no-till?

    It seems like I would end up using a ton of the powder, so that's out. I'm thinking 50/50 split between small and medium.

  8. Any would be fine. That being said, the finer the char the more surface area

    I add it to my compost and tumbler. Then that in turn is used in the worm bin and a top dress depending on what I need.
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  9. $ave a buck. Biochar crumbles easy. Buy the large chips and beat them up in a contractor bag.

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  10. Personally I find charcoal to be hard to break down. Guess it depends what its made of (I use hardwood charcoal).
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  11. Thanks MOFO just saw this and will give it a try. I am an absolute beginner.
  12. Go ahead and char some rice hulls. Way easier than hardwood. I also char tree leaves and small branches. It's always a different story if I've made it with my own hands. That's how it works for me.
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  13. Azadirachtin, Hyperemesis and Herxing?

    Just came across this article asserting neem soil drenches are the cause of Cannabis Hypermesiss Syndrome. I don't see a lot of evidence cited and am personally skeptical but wanted others opinions. As a regular heavy user who relies on the medical aspects, I'm very interested in not contracting this sundrome.
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  14. Yeah, I don't either. I have heard of this CHS, but it seems very, very rare. And I've never used neem oil as a soil drench. I don't know anyone that does. :confused_2:

    I'm beginning to wonder if this "disease" is actually due to the use of adulterated products that use neem oil as a portion of said product, and used as a foliar application. The products are touted as containing azadirachtin as the "active" ingredient and are labeled safe for organic use, but recently some products have been pulled from shelves as they've been found to contain other forms of synthetic insecticides. Who knows how many dispensaries and private grows may have been using these products?

    This website (GC) is utilized world wide, and is populated with chronic smokers. :love-m3j: I've been a member here for almost 6 years now. In all that time, I've never heard of anyone contracting/exhibiting any of the symptoms common to/associated with "CHS". As long as you're using a quality organic pressed neem OIL, and not a product purported to contain azadirachtin, I really don't think there's much to worry about. I use Ahimsa neem oil myself.
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  15. I think the key here is you don't do soil drenches.
    IF (big if) cannabis does accumulate per the article, then following more is better paradigm while soil drenching with oil..... it might indeed be the case.

    Not my problem, our yours, no oil in the soil.

    (But then again i don't know how oils could/would be absorbed by the roots...)
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  16. I guess I took the soil drench to apply to the neem/kelp teas as described in MOFO's OP. Either way I don't plan on incorporating these.

    It does strike me as extremely rare but what also seems suspect about this idea is with the wide variety of organic and non organic methods of growing and the huge variety of suppliers it seems odd that everyone who experiences CHS is solely getting access to buds that have all been over treated with neem - a resource which I didnt even know about until finding GCO.
    I would guess most illegal commercial grows could give a rip about organic practices.
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  17. Wait a sec, gotta go take a quick shower i'll be right back.........

    Not a very scientific study. There were 19 patients whom smoke weed and vomit then take a lot of showers.

    OK... I bet there's a lot more people doing a lot more weird things that don't smoke weed.


    A lot of pot smoking weirdos doing weird things.


    There's people that don't smoke pot and collect guns and shoot other people.

    Not sure of the point of that article.

    The author pointed to like 10 cases, and then writes; "the illness was reasonably rare, affecting perhaps 1% of chronic users"

    Well where I'm from 1% of a population that = 10 people. The population is 1000 people.
    That's not very representational and certainly informal AT BEST.

    I don't really like to read articles written like this that sound science-ey without an actual scientific study to back up some bs spewed that kinda sorta sounds like science cause the author used 2, 3 or 4 syllable words.

    The article goes on to say; "the study lacks scientific proof and according to experts"

    That ^^^ was something that was very apparent even before I read it.

    Who sprays neem oil on cannabis flowers the day before harvest?? Like no one ... no one that is going to smoke that weed thats for sure. No one that has any common sense either.

    Article seemed to be geared toward fear mongering. They should write about peoples obsession with guns ... something that is actually a danger in our society. Leave pot alone. It's not killing anyone. Geese.
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  18. "There were case reports of lethal ingestion in children of doses as low as 5 ml"
    Guess what, there is cyanide in apple seeds, ever see anyone die from eating a whole apple? of course not because you would need to eat like a pound of raw seeds to get a lethal doze.
    Also, dont inject your kids with pure neem oil.
    Oh an BTW, do they address the fact that people all over the world use neem products (like creams, soaps, toothpaste) on a daily basis with no issues? If there are some people who are indeed allergic or get reactions from neem i doubt its even remotely close to 1%.

    This bullshit article is just trying to be sensational. The mere fact it keeps repeating that none of the data it presents has been scientifically tested or proven should be enough to prove that.
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  19. My lady and I have been using Neem toothpaste for 2+ years now. I’ve been catching blow back foliar spray on my arms and face from the fans when I spray Neem Oil on the plants for 4+ years. No issues, and I’m more on the sensitive skin side.
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  20. Do you take hot showers? Because you might have a problem and not even know it! :bolt:
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